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7 Surprising Benefits of Vicks Vaporub!

Riya Aggarwal | April 10, 2018

Made from camphor, eucalyptus, and menthol, Vicks Vaporub gives immediate relief from a cough and a cold.  But did you know that there are various other ways in which Vicks can be used?

1. Protection from Mosquitoes

repellent vicks

An open bottle of Vicks Vaporub naturally repels flies, mosquitoes, and other such insects.Vicks can also be used as a temporary alternative to mosquito repellent.

2. Makes Heels and Ankles more Beautiful

feet vicks (1)

Before sleeping at night, rub Vicks on the heels and ankles of your feet and cover your feet with socks. The next day, wash your feet with cold water and scrub your feet with a pumice stone. Doing so will make cracked heels and dry ankles soft, supple and beautiful.


3. Fades Stretch Marks

marks vicks

Apply Vicks on your stretch marks regularly, you will see the difference in two weeks.


4. Removes Fungus from Toes

bruises vicks (1)

If you have fungus in your toes, apply Vicks on your toes at night and cover your feet with socks. Wash your feet the next day and cut the fungus-ridden toenail with a nail cutter. Do this every day and get freedom from toe-fungus!


5. Heals Scratches and Cuts

toenails vicks (1)

Apply Vicks on cuts and scratches and see the difference. Vicks reduces swelling and heals cuts and scratches.


6. Reduces Ear Ache

earache vicks

Put Vicks on earbuds and apply it inside the ear. Let it stay for a few hours. Do not forget that doing so will only help to reduce pain in the ear, it will not heal the ear infection. For a solution to the ear infection, consult a doctor.


7. Makes your face more Attractive

acne vicks

Put small amounts of Vicks on face marks and acne. Leave overnight. Next morning, wash your face and see the difference.

If you know any other benefits of using Vicks Vaporub, do let us know!

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