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My kids have grown up. This is how I Manage my Time.

Team BetterButter | April 10, 2018

Gone are the days of grocery shopping for kids, racing between school functions and recitals, dropping and receiving kids from places and taking them out to malls. Yes, my kids have become independent adults now! My son Vansh is pursuing higher studies in London and my daughter Riddhi is happily married. Everything has changed. Now the house seems bizarrely quiet and my life started becoming boring. And now I could notice my calendar has empty space than ever. My loneliness extended to a point wherein depression started to take over my life. But my friend rekindled the flames of hope.

Deeksha- Just because your kids are grown, does not mean your life is over. It doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to do and you should sit idle in front of TV or chit-chat with your neighbor Meenakshi. Get a life!

It took me some time to come out of my shell but now I think I have been re-born. My life has taken a U-turn and I’m a completely new person (for all the good reasons). I have started living for myself and enjoying life more than ever. I’ve done so many things I always wanted to do but could not get the time for. I have realized that Life is beautiful!

In fact, I will request all my friends to seize all the opportunities life can extend you. I am not here to preach anything but trust me, your active moves will surely bring positive results into your lives. So here are some of the exciting things you can do after the kids are grown up. I have incorporated some of them, when are you going to?

1. Venture into a new business grown up

As parents you had so many obligations and accountabilities, you were not able to realize your dream of starting your own business. I understand you could not take the financial risk because you had to raise your kids. Even I contemplated about it so many times but all in vain. But NOW is the time!


2. Write your travel diaries

travel.children grown up English

Yes, you heard me right. As your children have grown up, you are financially stable than ever and you have life experiences – It is certainly the perfect time to explore the world. No doubt, you must have some pains and aches here and there, but they will go off with medications. Have the time of your lives!


3. Pursue your hobbies or interests grown up English

If you are someone who always wanted to learn a musical instrument, write a book, enhance culinary skills or run a marathon – pursue it! Even in my younger days, theatre acting was my passion. I have again embarked my journey in the same field. Though getting grandmother roles but it’s worth it.


4. Go back to school grown up English

You are never old to get educated. For years, you helped your kids to excel in their studies, attended their school functions, dressed them for a fancy-dress competition. It is over now. Maybe you can go for a different degree or advanced degree, you want to learn a new skill or any educational qualifications. Let go off all your inhibitions and start afresh!


5. Work on your health grown up English

There were times when you put your health in the back seat in driving the car of life. Now when you look at your old photos, you ponder how drastically you have changed. This is an excellent time to improve your health. Don’t go for rigorous workouts but try to exercise 30 minutes a day and mix in some outdoor activities like playing, hiking, swimming. Few get this opportunity and you are a lucky one! Embrace it!

I even learned to drive and swim! Yes, at this age, but I don’t think I’m too old. I have just had a re-birth.

If you want to add some interesting opportunities after the kids are grown, our comment box is all yours!

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