5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Child

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Words infuse, words refuse, words heal, words peel

Stop whining! You better be quiet if you want this. Have you ever said words like this to your child? At times, I do whatever it takes to get my kid to comply. But when no punishment works out, I get frustrated. What if I tell you by having a command on your words, you can raise a happy, confident and obedient child. Don’t believe me?  Here are few things you should never say to your kid –

1. Share your things

sharing.not to say to your child English

What you say – Don’t be greedy. You should share your toys with others. Hearing this, the child thinks nothing is mine and I have to share everything. He will not take care of his own things.

What you should say- How about swapping your toy for a while with Anuj? Hearing this, the child thinks the toy is still mine and if I share I will get to play with Anuj’s toy too. But do not force your kid in any way.


2. No comparison

No comparison.not to say to your child English

What you say – Look at that boy! You can also do this. Hearing this, the child thinks I am good for nothing and it will lower down his confidence level as well.

What you should say- I know you can do it! This way the child will think that you believe in him and you are proud of the fact that he is trying.


3. Satisfy his curiosity

curiosity.not to say to your child English

What you say-  Why do you want to know this? You will learn when you grow up. Hearing this- he will get more excited to know that particular thing. And trust me he will get answers from other sources.

What you should say- if he asks any questions; try your level best to answer. If you are not able to, always get back.


4. No crying

crying.Not to say to your child English

What you say- Hearing this, the child will think, I should not express my feelings and crying is bad.

What you should say- Why are you crying? Are you hurt or sad? Go for open-ended questions so that the child will get a platform to express.


5. Listen to adults

listen to adults.not to say to your child English

What you say- Hearing this, the child will think all elders are right and what they say we should obey. This way he will start trusting everyone including strangers.

What you should say- You should listen to your parents. They will never think ill of you. This way he will have better understanding whom to trust or whom not to.

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