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7 Things that Prove you have an Amazing Husband!

Riya Aggarwal | January 4, 2019

Marriage is a wonderful thing, but it is also something that is filled with challenges. Nothing is perfect-neither your work nor a person. It is not easy to find a good husband; but if your husband has all the below mentioned qualities, then understand his value.

So hold his hands firmly and navigate the tumultuous journey of life together, because since its life, it’s bound to be filled with road blocks.


1)  He Enjoys Spending Time with You

If your husband loves to be with you or around you, then you are one lucky woman! Laughing together, being happy, watching movies, going to restaurants and watching romantic movies together at home are good for every husband-wife relationship. But what’s more important is that you and your husband not only respect each other, but that you also respect each others wishes.


2) Whatever he Knows he Teaches You

Your husband may know more about things such as computers, phones, automobiles, banking etc.,  and if he has the interest, motivation and patience to teach you about it, then you have the best husband!


3) He Worries for You

Just saying ‘I love you’ is not enough. If your husband gives you a missed call after reaching his office or he asks you to call him whenever you reach someplace, it means that he worries for you and cares for you. He does so because he wants to be sure that you are alright wherever you are. A suggestion-if your husband worries for your safety, then don’t stop him. Never think he does so because he doesn’t trust you or because he thinks that you can’t go alone anywhere.


4) He Speaks to you Nicely

If your husband can openly talk to you about everything-be it sports or some tension in his office-then you know you have got the perfect husband. Thinking of your tension as his tension, always listening to you and understanding-all these are signs of an amazing husband.


5) Your Husband always Supports You

Life is full of obstacles which make you fall and then stand up again-throughout the problems that life throws at you, your husband should always support you. He should have an equal part to play in them. You may complain that he is the busiest man on the planet and he never tells you that he loves you, but if he’s always standing with you through thick or thin, then you couldn’t have asked for a better husband.


6) Your Husband is Loyal

A good husband knows that even if the prettiest women stand in front of him, you will always be the heroine of his life. This holds true for women as well. If your husband is always loyal to you, you should always remain loyal to him as well.


7) He Accepts his Mistakes

Even the most perfect person makes mistakes. But what makes a person better is that when he realises he’s made a mistake, he accepts it and tries to rectify his mistake. If they do not do so then when you make a mistake, make it a point to apologise for it and lovingly explain to your husband that just like you accept your mistakes, he should also accept his mistakes. The true essence of marriage is to stand together and walk shoulder to shoulder with each other and feel proud about it.

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