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7 Weight Gain Recipes for Kids

Riya Aggarwal | April 6, 2018

Every mother wants her child to be healthy and excel in everything that he/she chooses to do. But making kids have nutritious food is one task that is no less than winning a war! Whenever a mother tries to feed her child a nutritious meal, the child immediately gets up and starts running around which makes it extremely difficult for the mother to feed him/her. So in this case, how can your child’s weight increase?

Continue reading below to learn about 7 recipes that are healthy and delicious. These recipes will not only be loved by your child but will also help them gain weight.

1. Banana, Oats & Dates Mini Muffins

Banana & Dates Muffins weight gain english

Bananas have carbohydrates, dates have a natural sweetness and oats gives kids a tummy. These 3-ingredient mini muffins are sure to become a favorite amongst kids.

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2) Chicken Bowl Rice Flower

chicken rice flower weight gain english

Kids will love this beautiful-looking Chicken Soup, Rice Flowers which is very delicious.

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3) Oats & Dry Fruits Laddoo

dry fruit laddoo weight gain english

All kids love laddoos and enjoy eating them.

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4) Sweet Potato Filled Strawberries

sweet potato starwberry weight gain english

Kids love the sweetness of strawberries and they will love this delicious recipe.

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5) Ragi & Urad Dal Pancakes

ragi pancakes weight gain english

Children love having pancakes and they will love to have these Ragi and Urad Dal Pancakes as well.

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6) Egg, Chicken & Cheese Sandwich

egg sandwich weight gain english

A sandwich made from eggs, cheese and chicken is an ideal evening snack for kids. Kids will finish this sandwich in one gulp!

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7) Panjeeri

panjeeri weight gain english

Made from clarified butter (ghee), wheat flour (atta) and dry fruits, Panjeeri is an energy boosting food that is very delicious.

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With these nutritious and healthy recipes, you can easily increase the weight of your kids! If you make your kids have some other dishes which make them healthy, do share them with our readers.

Riya Aggarwal


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