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8 Foods You Must Eat during Periods

Nithya Lakshmi | June 14, 2018

It is very difficult to put up with those days in a month wherein you have to deal with a lot of mood swings and agitations besides heavy leakage, muscle cramps, and stomach ache. It is very challenging to stay away from junk food during these days but what you consume is crucial in order to ease the pain during your period cycles. A lot of iron and calcium-rich food will help your body to stay active and healthy when you are bleeding.

Here’s what you should eat during your menses:

1. Walnuts

walnut- food to have during periods

Rich in magnesium and vitamin B6, walnuts prove to be a great source that will relieve your period pain with its anti-inflammatory properties. A cup of walnuts which is also rich in fatty acids will give you 30% of Vitamin B6.


2. Kale

Rich in Vitamin B and C, kale is one of the best vegetables to be consumed during your period cycle. As you tend to lose blood during those days, you need to add this iron-rich food that will help in preventing constipation and promote a healthy digestive system.


3. Cinnamon Tea

cinnamon- food to have during periods

Cinnamon, which is rich in hydroxychalcone increases the insulin levels in the blood leading to a proper blood flow during your periods. Drinking cinnamon tea during periods will help in balancing your hormones, relieve cramps if any and correct your irregular menstrual cycle too.


4. Salmon

salmon- food to have during periods

Another effective food that eases muscle cramps when you are bleeding is salmon. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties, which relax your muscles and provide the necessary proteins to remain active.


5. Bananas

Having a banana during your periods will ease the cramps mainly due to the presence of potassium and Vitamin B6. They negate water retention and help prevent bloating. This also helps in bowel movements and avoids diarrhea.


6. Probiotic Yogurt

This is rich in magnesium and helps in relieving muscle cramps during periods. Besides this, natural probiotic curd takes care of PMS and generates a lot of good bacteria which is much required for a proper and healthy digestive system. It also helps you in bloating issues.


7. Dark Chocolate

chocolate - food to have during periods

In order to get rid of your mood swings and stay high during those days, have a lot of dark chocolates that contain maximum cocoa content in them. It is rich in magnesium and generates serotonin- a mood booster which helps a lot during your period cycles.


8. Oranges

Citrus fruits like oranges that are rich in vitamin D help in regulating serotonin -a mood regulator. Also, these Vitamin C rich fruits help in relieving cramps and pain during those days. It also takes care of PMS symptoms, keeps your reproductive system healthy and provides enough energy throughout the day.

Image source – Flickr, pixabay, pixino, maxpixel, wikipedia commons, wikipedia

Nithya Lakshmi


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