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Know the Right way to Shampoo by Jawed Habib

Ankit Kumar | June 14, 2018

Who doesn’t wish for beautiful, dense and dark hair ?? Hair enhances our beauty, therefore hair care is necessary for maintaining the beauty of the hair. The most important thing is to take care of them in the correct way. We should pay special attention to cleaning our hair and take care of them properly. For this, the most important step is to apply oil on the hair and shampoo in the right way. Do you know the correct way to apply shampoo ??

Hair Expert Jawed Habib tells the right way to shampoo and has broken various myths about how to use shampoo. Let’s know the right way to apply shampoo – by Jawed Habib.

1. Shampoo daily

Like other parts of our body, cleaning hair is also very important, therefore the use of shampoo every day causes no harm. The more clean hair we will have, the more hair will grow more dense and healthy. If you don’t shampoo your hair regularly, sweat originating from the scalp and this gives rise to dandruff on the scalp, making your hair weak and leading to hair fall.

2. Wash your hair with normal temperature water

Some people believe that the hair should be washed with warm water or lukewarm water, but it will be absolutely wrong to do so. Warm water weakens the hair causing hair fall and therefore the ordinary water coming from the tap should be used.

3. Soak the hair before applying shampoo

It is quite easy to use shampoo properly. Just do not forget to wet your hair before shampooing, because shampoo should never be used in dry hair. If we apply shampoo on dry hair, then they will get frizzy even more and this will diminish the shine of our hair.

4. Use ordinary shampoo

Jawed Habib often says that shampoo should be used according to the hair texture. He believes that one doesn’t need to use different shampoo for curly hair or a different one for soft hair because this is just a rumor as all our scalps are the same. We should never run after the branded products because it’s not important, only how we wash our hair with shampoo matters.

5. Use shower while applying shampoo

Always use the shower while applying shampoo, because by the use of a mug we cannot wash our hair well and they start to break down after growing weak.

6. First shampoo the front part of the scalp

While shampooing we often apply shampoo on the sides first but according to Jawed Habib, it is wrong to do so. Most important is to shampoo the front part of the hair first because most of the hair breaks from the front.

7. Massage your hair with the shampoo

While shampooing, it is very important to massage your hair. We should massage the scalp with both hands for 2-3 minutes for better cleansing.

To view the right way of applying shampoo, check out these videos –

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