9 Symptoms that You Might be getting a Heart Attack!

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Strokes have become very common among women today, irrespective of their age. In fact, gone are those days when only older people used to be affected by a stroke. Nowadays even the younger generation is facing this problem due to hormonal imbalance. Estrogen levels affect the way the blood vessels function. The improper functioning of the blood vessels can cause blood clots and ruptured vessels, which could hinder the flow of blood to the brain. Strokes might even be fatal if not treated at the right time. There are many ways in which your body may communicate this to you. Hence understanding the same will help you stay out of danger.


1) Mumbling Speech

If a person is speech-deprived or suddenly faces a slurred speech then chances are that the blood flow to the brain that handles the communication part is blocked or damaged, thereby resulting in a stroke. They may end up with aphasia wherein the person cannot understand anything that is said or written. You need to call the doctor immediately.


2) Weaker Arms

If you are facing a stroke you might find it difficult to raise your arms high or just one side of your body might seem to be entirely weak and difficult to move. Proper medication is crucial to prevent permanent body impairment.


3) Fainting

When the oxygen supply to the brain is reduced or blocked completely due to a stroke, it is natural for a person to feel dizzy or faint. You need to act fast in such situations before it becomes deadly.


4) A Severe Headache

One might have a headache for various reasons. Headaches due to a stroke are very severe and torturous, such a headache requires immediate attention because your body is trying to communicate to you about a stroke. A headache could also be due to other severe conditions that may lead to brain damage.


5) Difficulty in Swallowing

On an average, human beings tend to swallow their saliva as much as 600 times in a day. If all of a sudden, doing so becomes difficult,  then this is a definite sign of a stroke.


6) Hiccups

While you might enjoy the hiccups for the first few minutes, it becomes very annoying when hiccups become unstoppable and start causing pain in the stomach. Such uninterrupted hiccups might actually be a symptom of a stroke.


7) Blurred Vision

When you are down with a stroke, the oxygen supply to your brain gets blocked. This blockage usually affects the part of the brain where the occipital lobe is present. The occipital lobe takes care of vision. Blockage in oxygen supply to this part of the brain can cause blurred vision or adversely affect the eyesight in one eye. 


8) Shortness of Breath

People with symptoms of stroke will face a shortness of breath due to respiratory issues. When the heart is not able to pump enough blood to function properly, the arteries are blocked and the person might find it difficult to breathe.


9) Nausea

If you feel some kind of irritation in your stomach or feel like puking due to indigestion then chances are that it might be due to a stroke. Nausea is one of the clearest symptoms of a mini-stroke.

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