A peep into Irfan Khan’s New House

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Irfan Khan is a well-known Bollywood celebrity. For excellence in the film industry, he has been awarded many times with Filmfare Award and the prestigious National Film Award. Irfan Khan started his career with the movie “Salaam Bombay!”. In the year 2011, he was awarded the prestigious “Padma Shri Award” by the honorable Govt. of India. Irfan Khan has worked in famous Hollywood movies like The Amazing Spider-Man, Life of Pi, Jurassic Park etc.

Irfan Khan has recently purchased a new house in Mumbai. From the pictures of his new house, one can easily make out that he is a very creative and artistic person. He prefers a simple and elegant living. He has tried to give his house an oceanic look with the help of white and blue colors.

irfan khan family

Irfan Khan stays with his wife Sutapa Sikdar and two sons in his newly bought house. The interiors of this house have been done by designer Shabnam Gupta. This house is built in 3670 sq. ft. and has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

Now let us take you on an imaginary journey to his new home :


By looking at these pictures one can easily say that Irfan loves the color blue. Irfan Khan has decorated his entire hall with the color blue in such a way that it gives an oceanic view. Psychologists say that these colors are very helpful in getting rid of fatigue, exhaustion, and anxiety throughout the day. Along with this, silver-colored lights add a special charm to these well-painted blue walls.


Living Room

When we have a look at Irfan Khan’s living room, we can see a glimpse of Indian culture. Along with this, we can see his love for flowers as well. The pictures on the wall and the wooden carvings are stunning. Many beautiful and attractive colors have been used in this room over the white background.


Dining Space

When we have a look at the pictures of his dining space, we can easily say that Irfan Khan has a great attachment with mirrors. Mirrors have been mounted covering the entire walls, which makes the dining room look more spacious and beautiful. This kind of view makes one feel really relaxed. The dining space has been given a simple and formal look. It looks as if the complete room has been bathed in moonlight.



Looking at Irfan’s bedroom we can see a small library attached to the walls, a bed, a sofa and some other necessary furniture. A very attractive reading chair is kept next to the library. The window is made of a large glass panel. The artwork on the walls is really very attractive. The scenic view from the window next to the library space is enhancing the beauty of the bedroom.

Image Source: The urban guide, scoopwhoop, houzz, Architectural Digest.

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