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Arjun Kapoor’s Weight-Loss Secrets

Ankit Kumar | August 7, 2018

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor is an inspiration for anyone who wishes to transform their bodies and lose that extra weight. The ‘Half-Girlfriend’ actor has come  a long way- from weighing 142 kgs to getting a ripped athletic body.

Before becoming an actor,  Arjun Kapoor worked as an assistant director and as an associate producer. During this time,  Arjun decided to become an actor rather than a producer.  The only hindrance to his Bollywood dreams was his obesity, and if Bollywood sources are to be believed, it was actually Salman Khan who helped Arjun lose weight in the beginning.

The secret of Arjun’s transformation from a grumpy obese person to a muscular and fit person was his diet. A healthy diet contributed 80% to his weight-loss and the remaining 20% came through a regular workout routine. 

Arjun completely gave up junk foods, which used to be an important part of his diet. There was a time when Arjun  would eat 6 McDonald’s burgers with cheese in a go! However, to pursue his acting dream, Arjun gave up  junk foods and started following  a healthy and a balanced diet. 


Arjun Kapoor’s Diet Plan

In order to get into the desired shape, Arjun had to switch to whole wheat brown bread and egg whites. Arjun also ate chapatis instead of rice. The actor had to increases his consumption of proteins.

  • For breakfast, Arjun has 4-6 egg whites with toast. He has wheat flour chapatis, instead of rice,  with veggies, dal and chicken. 
  • For dinner, Arjun likes to have non-vegetarian dishes such as chicken or fish with a small quantity of quinoa (A South American grain rich in protein).
  • Arjun has fruits between meals. Arjun also always makes it a point to have a protein shake after his workout session. 


Arjun’s Workout Plan

Arjun Kapoor follows a very strict workout routine. However, only losing weight wasn’t enough for his debut. The actor also had to build muscles.  To get a muscular physique Arjun trained at the gym for an hour or two,  five days in a week. He also incorporated a combination of endurance training exercises into his routine to increase the strength of his core. By following all this for four  years, Arjun  managed to lose 50 kgs!

  • His workout routine primarily included the following weight loss cum muscle building exercises.
  1. Bench Presses
  2. Pull-ups  
  3. Deadlifts
  4. Squats
  5. Circuit training
  6. Weight training and cardio exercise
  • The Half Girlfriend actor completes a 20-minute session of CrossFit training as well. CrossFit training is a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that targets the entire body.

Image Source: Dna india, the health site, India today.

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