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For a Healthy Gut, Eat these 5 Probiotic Foods!

Nithya Lakshmi | August 7, 2018

Do you frequently feel uncomfortable in the passage connecting your stomach and your mouth? Are you always wondering, why you always feel tired despite following a healthy balanced diet?  Well, all of this means that it’s time to clean your gut!  Your gut might have been affected by a lot of preservatives, unwanted fat, and refrigerated food items. Due to the variety of antibiotics that are injected in everything that you consume, probiotic food becomes adulterated. If you want to have a healthy digestive tract, good skin, avoid bloating and bowel disorders, be free from gastrointestinal issues then you should consume the below listed probiotic foods: 


1) Cold Potatoes

Super starchy foods such as cold potatoes lead to a happy tummy. When potatoes are cooked and cooled, they go through a retrogradation process wherein the starch becomes resistant to digestible starch. This way old potatoes get converted into a fermented fiber, that is gut-friendly.  The resistant starch helps in digestion and has lesser calories. This probiotic food helps to keep you full for longer.

Tip: Add raw potatoes into your smoothies or simply have it with white rice or sprinkle it on any dish.


2) Pickles

No one can deny a bowl of curd rice with pickle! Pickles boost your entire system and protect it from infections. Though pickles are rich in vitamin K, they don’t actually have a lot of benefits when compared to other probiotic foods. However, pickles do help to absorb calcium and minerals, boost your metabolism, protect your gut lining and improve the digestive system.


3) Greek Yogurt

If you are concerned about your digestive tract, then buy some greek yogurt from your nearest store. This is a master ingredient that helps you boost your digestive system. Basically, the presence of the lactobacillus component in yogurt helps to build the presence of good bacteria in your body. This good bacteria keeps protects your body from infections. 

Tip: Eat the greek yogurt directly or have it with rice or roti.


4) Cottage Cheese

While it is a big NO when it comes to your weight management regime, cottage cheese is a great way to clean your gut. The cheese contains a lot of good bacteria and is loaded with calcium. Both these components naturally help to strengthen your bones.  

Tip: Add scraped cottage cheese into your dishes or have this food with a slice of freshly toasted bread!


5) Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another great choice when it comes to gastric issues. Simply add a tablespoon of the vinegar into water and drink it before every meal. This will aid in better digestion by easily breaking down the food particles. Apple cider vinegar naturally cleanses your liver. The vinegar can be had with water, lemon juice or with a cup of tea.

Image source:  pixabay, wikipedia commons, flickr

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