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Beauty Secrets from Malaika Arora

Priyanka Verma | August 22, 2018

Who can forget the lady who sizzled on the roof of a train to the beats of ‘Chhaiya Chhaiya’? She simply made everyone skip a heartbeat with her moves. Malaika Arora is considered to be a style icon and her fit body is an inspiration for one and all. A mother of a teenage son, Malaika still looks youthful and curvy. Even at the age of 42, Malaika looks like she is only 24 years old! Let’s find out how Malaika keeps herself fit: 


How Does Malaika begin her Day?

Malaika makes it a point to sleep for at least 8 hours a day.   She begins her day by doing a ‘sheeshasana’. This asana helps to direct the flow of the blood towards her head and it is very beneficial for the body. This asana brings a glow to your face and even improves the quality of your hair.


Health Drink

After doing the ‘sheeshasana’,  Malaika drinks the age-old trusted health drink – lemon and honey in warm water. Consuming this drink helps her flush out all the toxins from her body.


Exercise, Yoga and Weight Training

Malaika considers exercise to be a very important part of her lifestyle.  She advocates that one should follow a rigorous exercise routine at least 5 days in a week. Malaika does a cardio workout to keep her heart healthy, followed by various other exercises for other parts of her body. She also says that one should make it a point to stretch their body as stretching strengthens the muscles.


Malaika’s Diet

You’ll be surprised to know that Malaika doesn’t consume any milk and milk products. She stays away from all kinds of fried foods. Every morning, Malaika has one teaspoon of coconut oil and one teaspoon of ghee. Malaika makes it a point to have an early dinner so that her tummy doesn’t feel too full when she’s about to sleep.


Malaika’s Skincare Tips

Malaika uses a chemical-free face wash for her skin. She also uses a spritzer to take care of her face. Using rose water is also a good option. While eating a papaya, she  rubs a piece of it on her face as well. She does so because papayas are full of antioxidants and help to refresh the face. Malaika never takes a bath with very hot water. She says that bathing with hot water dries the skin and makes it age faster.


Peace of Mind

Malaika says that many people meditate but she can’t do this as she can’t sit in one place for long. Instead of meditation, Malaika does some gardening to refresh her mind. She says that she has a small garden at her house and that she loves to take care of her plants. Every Sunday, Malaika spends some time in her garden. Not only does this help Malaika freshen her mind, but it also prepares her for the upcoming week. 

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