How to Apply Lipstick – A Tutorial

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Women have been using a lipstick since a long time and honestly, a woman’s makeup is incomplete without a dash of color on her lips. One just cannot step out of the house without applying lipstick. Nowadays, various different shades and textures of lipsticks are available in the market. Lipsticks help to enhance the beauty of a woman’s lips. However, a lipstick will only look good when applied correctly.

Today, we’re going to learn how to apply a lipstick in the correct manner: 

Step 1: Lipbalm

First, apply a thin layer of your lip balm on your lips.


Step 2: Toothbrush

After applying a lip balm, use a toothbrush to lightly brush away all the dead skin cells from your lips.


Step 3: Concealer

Now apply a concealer on your lips so that you get a uniform tone on your lips. This will ensure that the lipstick is also applied uniformly. This also makes your lipstick last longer.


Step 4: Lip Liner

Before applying a lipstick, outline your lips with a lip liner. This prevents the lipstick from spilling outside the lips.

If you want a light shade on your lips, you can simply use the lip liner to fill the inside of your lips.


Step 5: Liquid Lipstick

If you’re using a liquid lipstick, use its applicator to create an outline and gradually fill the insides of your lips.


Step 6: Concealer Pencil

After applying your lipstick, if you feel that the shape of your lips is not visible properly, you can use a concealer pencil to create an outline and get the desired shape. Create an outline on the outside of the lips to do this.


Step 7: Matte Lipstick

For a matte look, take a tissue paper and put in on your lips.

Now apply some loose powder on the tissue with the help of a brush and remove the tissue.


Step 8: Fuller Lips

If you want your lips to appear fuller, you can do that by using an eyeshadow. Dab a very small quantity of silver-colored eyeshadow on the center portion of your lips in a uniform manner. This will make your lips appear fuller.


Click on the video below to learn more about how to apply lipstick:


Image Source:  Youtube.

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