10 Things that you Should NEVER Keep in Your House

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Apart from being beautiful, a house must also be peaceful and have a positive aura so that the members of the family can stay together in harmony. Vastu shastra has been used as a guiding principle in building homes since ancient times. Feng Shui is also becoming very popular these days.  In both these sciences, some objects have been mentioned, which when kept in the house, emit a negative aura and  adversely affect the health and well being of the people living in the house.

Here are 10 such things that should never be kept in the house: 


1) A Sinking Boat/Ship

It is believed that having a picture of a sinking ship in your house can act as an obstacle to the progress of the people living in the house. Just like a sinking ship is moving towards its end, in the same manner, the future of the family also goes for a toss. Such images should not be kept in the house.


2) Image of a Crying Child

Image of a crying or a sad child brings negativity into the house. Keeping such images in the house, specifically affect the health of the women in the family. A gloominess also tends to exist in the house. Instead of this, one should keep an image of Lord Krishna as a baby eating white butter. This is very auspicious.


3) Any War Scene or any Scene from the ‘Mahabharata’

It is not a good idea to decorate the walls of your house with a war scene or any scene from the Mahabharata, as this facilitates a war-like situation in the house as well. Keeping such images can increase fights and tiffs in the family.


4) Broken Idols

You should never keep broken idols in your house. If you have  broken idols of any gods or goddesses, they should either be put into flowing water or they should be kept at the root of a green tree. Keeping broken idols increases negativity in the house and brings many problems into the lives of the people of the house.


5) A Photo or Idol of Nataraja

It is very common to find the idol of a Dancing Nataraja, especially in the homes of dancers, but this idol is actually very inauspicious. The idol shows the dancing Shiva, but it depicts destruction and affects the health of the family members.


6) Broken Mirror or Glass

Any broken mirrors or glass pieces should be thrown away as they bring negative energies into the house. Many people do not replace a broken glass and continue to keep it. This gives rise to a ‘Vastu dosh’ and leads to a loss of family resources. Never keep a broken mirror in your house and never see your face in a broken mirror.


7) Dried, Wilted Plants or Plants with Thorns

It is good to keep some plants in the balcony/garden but according to Vastu, you should never keep plants which have thorns or which are dried and wilted. Such plants pose an obstacle to the flow of energy in the house, prevent prosperity and the inflow of money into the house.  Always remove any dried and wilted leaves from your plants.  


8) Running Taps

If there are any taps in your house which do not stop running, get them repaired at the earliest. Constant running water is not just the wastage of water but it also leads to the wastage of money. Containers full of water are an epitome of wealth and prosperity.


9) Disorganized and Dirty Main Door

Always keep the main door of your house clean and organized. Hang a nice nameplate on the door along with a bandhanwar,  as this brings positivity into the house. Never keep garbage in front of or around the main door as this invites negativity inside the house.


10) Stopped Watches

A watch or a clock is useful only when it is working. According to Vastu, a watch affects the flow of energy. A working clock attracts positive energy while a stopped one gives rise to negative energy. To avoid loss of money and prosperity, remove all stopped clocks and watches from the house or change their battery.

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