These Simple Ways will Make your Hair look Thicker!

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Have you envied looking at all those girls flaunting their long and thick hair? There might have been a lot of products or hair tonics that you must’ve tried in order to make your hair thick. Before you conclude that it is impossible to get thick hair,go through these simple and interesting hair hacks which could help you make your thin hair look more voluminous. You can make your hair look thicker in the comfort of your own home,  without going to the parlor or seeking an expert’s help!


1) Backcombing

You might be an expert in combing your hair by now. You might even be aware of all the ways in which you can detangle your hair.  But backcombing is an art that you have to practise. This simple trick will add volume to your thin hair. Start back combing your hair in small portions with the help of a hair spray and then use your fingers to gently massage your hair. After this, let your hair loose and see the difference!


2) Blow Dry

If you are in a hurry to attend an event or have no time to wash your hair, then simply blow dry your hair.  Bring all your hair up and tie it on top near your forehead. The longer you leave your hair in this state, the better. Wear your outfit and apply your makeup. Now open your hair and see the difference. 


3) Shampoo Hair Properly

The main purpose of shampooing your hair is to remove all the oil and dirt from your scalp to promote hair growth.  Ensure you apply shampoo only onto your scalp.  Apply a conditioner to your hair-half-length till the tips. Use a mild shampoo if you wash your hair every day, otherwise wash your hair once in every three days.  


4) Hairspray

Use a dry volume spray if you are looking for something that could instantly fix your oily hair. This hairspray helps you add volume to your hair. Spray it all over your hair and then let the air dry your hair. 


5) Twist it or Plait Hair at Night

Braid your hair or simply twist and turn it into small sections and tie them before you go to bed. Wake up the next morning to beautiful bouncy hair with natural curls. 


6) Clip in Extensions

There are a lot of hair extensions available in the market in various shades and sizes. Pick a hair extension that suits your hair color. Partition the lane where you want to fix the hair extension. Fix it and you are ready to go.


7) Pancake Way

If you have long hair and braiding your hair makes them look very thin then worry not! Just make your hair look loose by pulling the braid gently from both sides so as to make it look more voluminous. That’s the trick towards a good looking thick braid. Smart right? 

Image source: pixabay, wikipedia commons, youtube

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