Beauty Secrets of an Airhostess

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An air hostess has to look her best 24/7. So how does an air hostess always look so fresh and beautiful, even after a long-haul flight? Their makeup is always perfect, their hair is perfectly styled and they have no skin problems at all!

You’ll be surprised to know that an air hostess spends only 15 minutes everyday on her hair and makeup.  An air hostess is also given proper training on following the right skincare routine from the very first day of her training. It is because of this that an air hostess’s skin remains unaffected by temperature, pressure and altitudes, owing to which they always look immaculate and neat on their flights.

Here are the skincare and makeup secrets of an Airhostess:


Taking care of their skin, such as giving it the necessary nutrition, essential moisture and ensuring that it remains healthy, is an essential part of every air hostesses’ job. No matter how late, how early or how tired they are, an air hostess always removes her makeup. She uses an alcohol-free makeup remover to remove her makeup.  Air hostesses also apply a hydrating mask on their faces on a regular basis in order to ensure that their skin looks and remains fresh for a longer time.


Dehydration is Harmful

Air hostesses understand that dehydration is extremely harmful. They know that drinking an adequate amount of water every day is the secret to the beautiful, glowing and healthy skin. An air hostess even revealed that, before embarking on a long-haul flight,  she always makes it a point to drink coconut water, cucumber juice, fruit juice or vegetable juice to ensure that there is no water deficiency in her body during the flight.

Throughout the flight, air hostesses do not consume alcohol and caffeine because they know that the air inside the airplane is recycled air which dries out the skin. Drinking lots of water and using a moisturizer on your skin, protects your skin from getting dehydrated.


A Healthy Diet is the Solution to All Problems

An air hostess has to abide by a lot of rules and regulations. Some of these include ensuring that the skirt of their uniform is not above their knees, the heel of their footwear should not exceed 3 inches, they can only paint their nails a light pink or apply french polish and they are not at all allowed to gain weight.

An air hostess cannot even exchange her uniform for a larger size, and if by any chance their weight does increase, the air hostess is given a month’s time to shed the extra kilos or she is put into a weight management program. Air hostesses have to stay away from fried food, cheese, and processed snacks because all these foods contain excessive sodium which leads to bloating (or gas). To maintain their weight, size and remain active, air hostesses follow a healthy diet that is rich in proteins.



When it comes to haircare, an air hostess uses minimal hair styling products because excessive use of such products makes their hair even drier. Instead of a hairspray, air hostesses take a pea-sized amount of moisturizer lip gloss and apply it onto their hair to make it stay in place and to tame any flyaways and stray hair.

Before boarding the flight, air hostesses apply oil or a hair serum onto the lower part of the hair, to prevent their hair from becoming dry. To comb their hair, air hostesses always use a wide-toothed brush.


The Right Makeup Tricks

Using mineral-based or plant-based makeup products is the secret to the glow on the face of every air hostess. Using lightweight creams such as BB Creams and CC creams, are also good for the skin. Air hostesses apply baby oil or baby lotion on their skin to maintain their skin’s moisture.

Airhostesses stay away from waterproof mascara as it dries out the eyelashes. To hide tired and puffy eyes, air hostesses use an anti-fatigue eye serum. In addition to this, they use a concealer, a light reflector, a little bit of blush and lip gloss-and their makeup is complete. Air hostesses use coconut oil and/or olive oil to remove their makeup.

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