Latest Designs of Gold Rings for Women

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A woman’s fingers are incomplete without some beautiful rings on them. You may wear any jewellery for a party, but your look will always be incomplete without some beautiful rings. Rings are the symbol of love and they define the style statement of the one who is wearing them.

Today’s blog is dedicated to the latest designs of Gold Rings that are trending nowadays:

1) Stylish and Classy Gold Rings

If you are looking for a design that is not too heavy and yet extremely stylish,  then choose this classic Gold Ring design. This design reflects the morale and confidence of today’s woman. This ring goes well with daily wear as well as any party wear.


2) Peacock Design

We all know that the Peacock Design is a design that will always be in demand. The blue stone in the peacock and the zircon or diamond in it gives it a solid look. You can decide whether you want different colored stones or simple white diamonds embedded in the ring. This design is a symbol of royalty.


3) Gemstone Gold Ring

If you do not want to wear a clear stone, then you can choose one of these colorful stones that are placed in the center of the ring and enhance its beauty. The small stones surrounding the stone, highlights and maintains the beauty of the central stone and the ring. You can choose any gemstone of your choice. You can also consult an astrologer when choosing the central stone for the ring. 


4) Om Gold Ring

This ring portrays the faith and devotion of a person in God. This design is always in demand. This ring has is bound to draw everyone’s attention towards you.


5) Designer Crown Gold Ring

The designer crown shape of this ring will make the person wearing it look like a princess. We strongly believe that after wearing this ring you will be showered with praise. 


6) Unique Pearl Gold Ring

The beauty of gold doubles when it is combined with the beauty of pearls. This designer pearl ring, which goes well with anything that you wear, looks classy and elegant. If you look at this design carefully, it looks as though the hand is holding a perfectly shaped pearl.


7) Tortoise Ring

According to the Vedas, the tortoise is a symbol of love and positivity. Vaastu Shastra says that a tortoise brings wealth and prosperity  into your life and gives you peace.

Image Source: Caratlane, stylecentre, youtube, pinterest

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