How to Pose for that Perfect Picture!

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Be it attending a party, a marriage function or visiting any other place, every person today wants to get their pictures clicked, even if there is no photographer present. The selfie generation of today cannot stop clicking themselves!  No matter where we go on a vacation, the first thing we do is get some fresh pictures clicked before doing anything else. But sometimes despite a lovely location, clothes, and make-up, the snaps don’t come out well. But the right pose and the right angle can help you get that much-coveted perfect picture.  

To click better pictures use these photography tips given by professional photographers: 


1) Use your Tongue

It sounds quite strange but still, this is a great trick. To avoid a double chin while smiling, try keeping your tongue on the palate while you smile. Doing this will make your neck and jawline look longer. A large number of celebrities have tried this trick and we have to say it really works!


2) Click your Face at the Right Angle

If the person taking your picture is not a professional photographer avoid keeping your face straight. Why? Because the absence of proper lighting conditions and improper shadow will make your face appear bigger and wider, so instead of keeping your face straight try keeping your chin slightly up or down, and stand somewhat vertical. To avoid getting a weird picture, look at something at nose level.


3) Twist your Body and keep your Hands in the Correct Position

Yes, exactly the pose of the red carpet! Position your body at 45 degrees and place one hand on your waist and the other in front of your body. Now place one foot ahead of the other and put all your body weight on the back foot. You must have seen Aishwarya, Sonam and many other actresses in this particular pose. There is a big reason behind this. When you stand in this pose, it makes your arms look slimmer and makes you appear more confident. 


4) Take a Break from the Group Photo

If you are part of a group photo, then don’t give the same pose in every picture, because doing so will take away the viewer’s attention from you. People will also start comparing who is looking better  if you are in the same pose. So rather than copying other people’s poses, it is better to be comfortable while posing in a group picture.


5) Keep One Foot Above the Other

Whether you are standing or sitting – if you want a stylish and confident photo then use the “Cross Your Legs Pose”. Using this pose makes your hips look lighter and makes your legs appear longer. The pose will also no longer be gimmicky. It is better to use this stylish pose than to just sit or stand while getting a picture clicked. 


6) How is your Smile?

Smiling is an art, especially when you are talking about getting photographed. Too wide a smile makes the picture look awkward, and if you do not smile, it makes you look angry.

What should you do? Just try to give a natural smile- the way you smile when there is no camera present. Fake things look gimmicky. Relax your face for an attractive photo, open your mouth a little bit so that your lower lips match the upper lip. It’s totally up to you if you want to show your teeth or not. 



NOTE – Understand the proportion and always remember things closer to the camera lens will look bigger.

Image Source –, Coutsryfeed, Pinterest, Stylecaster

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