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25 Best Cafes In Dehradun For The City’s Most Loved Foods

Saumya Srivastava | September 14, 2021

A melting pot of different cultures and cuisines, Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand. It lies in the northwestern part of the state in the foothills of the Himalayas. Apart from it being the gateway to popular hill stations like Mussoorie and Dhanaulti, Doon is known for its Tibetan food, years old bakeries, and street food. Today we bring you some of the best cafes in Dehradun you can explore should you find yourself in the city. Try some giant momos and flat noodles at Kalsang, have a cup of hot chocolate at Cafe Laata, or grab a lemon tart at Razzmatazz Cup N Cake. Do what your heart desires! 

25 Best Cafes In Dehradun

1. Kalsang AMA Cafe

Kalsang Ama Cafe

Image credit: Magic pin

Kalsang AMA Cafe is one of the most unique cafes in Dehradun. This place is known for serving the best Tibetan, Thai and continental dishes. Besides the pleasing decor, soothing atmosphere and friendly staff make the experience even more enjoyable. Some of the dishes that you can try while here are their momos and flat noodles. 

Address: 8, Opposite Osho, Chander Lok Colony, Rajpur Road

Cost for two: 600 INR

Must try: Chilli momos

2. Cafe Roaster

Cafe Roaster

Image credit: Restaurant Guru

Cafe Roaster is a top-rated cafe in Dehradun that also attracts a number of foodies. From juicy burgers to crispy and soft pizzas, this place has everything you need to satisfy your food cravings. You can also click many memorable pictures in the background of this scenic cafe.

Address: House No 11, Dhoran Khas, Doon IT Park

Cost for two: 500 INR

Must try: Garlic bread

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3. Café De Piccolo

Cafe De Piccalo

Image credit: Tripadvisor

What more can you ask, when this famous eatery in Dehradun gives you all. Cafe De Piccolo is one of those cafes in Dehradun where you can enjoy live music and also indulge in delicious meals. This place is famous for its Italian dishes like pizza, pasta and the list goes on.

Address: 180 Rajpur Road, Rajpur

Cost for two: 400 INR

Must try: Banoffee pie

4. Chhaya Cafe

Chhaya Cafe

Image credit: Venue look

Chhaya Cafe is another one on the list of best cafes in Dehradun. This place attracts a number of youngsters who are looking for the perfect space to hang out with friends. So, if you too are in the mood of spending some fun time with your friends, head out to Chhaya Cafe and treat your taste buds with finger-licking food.

Address: 11, Birgirwali, Rajpur Road, Rajpur

Cost for two: 400 INR

Must try: Sandwich

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5. First Gear Cafe

First Gear Cafe

Image credit: Tripadvisor

If you are looking for cafes in Dehradun with live music, then First Gear Cafe is the place for you. The outdoor sitting area and the charming hillside views from the top are simply amazing. This cafe is ideal for students and couples alike as they serve scrumptious delicacies. 

Address: Khalsa Gaon, Near Shiv Mandir, Malsi

Cost for two: 700 INR

Must try: Momo

6. Razzmatazz Cup N Cake


Image credit: Tripadvisor

This is one of the top cafes in Dehradun which is based on an anchor theme. The lively atmosphere, colourful decor and to top it all the delicious foods makes the experience at Razzmatazz cafe memorable. You can try coffee, pastries and many more while you are at the Razzmatazz Cafe.

Address: 5, Pritam Road, Dehradun

Cost for two: 400 INR

Must try: Lemon tart

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7. Y Cafe

Y Cafe

Image credit: Facebook

The Y Cafe is set inside the White House hotel and is undoubtedly one of the best cafes in Dehradun. This cafe has a wide range of food options to choose from. Moreover, the friendly staff and prompt service make the dining experience even more enjoyable. And if you love reading books, then you can find so many books along with good food right at the Y Cafe in Dehradun.

Address: Hotel White House, St Joseph’s Academy, Subhash Road, Karanpur

Cost for two: 500 INR

Must try: Chicken wings

8. Cafe Laata

Cafe Laata New

Image credit:

Are you looking for cafes in Dehradun which serve delicious beverages? Then, Cafe Laata can be the right place for you as this place is known for its coffee, hot chocolate, tea and many more. You can also enjoy these beverages with delicious quick bites like fries, sandwiches and more.

Address: Rajpur Rd, Doon Vihar, Jakhan

Cost for two: 300 INR

Must try: Hot chocolate

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9. Auric Rooftop Cafe

Auric Rooftop (1)

Image credit: Zomato

Auric Rooftop cafe is another one on the list of famous cafes in Dehradun. From charming views to mouth-watering food, this cafe has everything you are looking for. So, do not miss the chance to enjoy a hearty meal with your friends and family while you are at the Auric rooftop cafe.

Address: 179, 2, Rajpur Rd, near Sai Mandir, Rajpur

Cost for two: 1200 INR

Must try: Paneer tikka

10. Marigold Cafe

Marigold Cafe New

Image credit:

Marigold Cafe is one of the best places to sit back and relax with your friends. The delicious food that is served here makes this cafe one of the frequently visited cafes in Dehradun. From momos to thukpa, Marigold cafe has a number of mouth-watering dishes that you can never have enough of them. 

Address: Shehanshahi Ashram, Old Mussorie Road, Rajpur

Cost for two: 500 INR

Must try: Masala omelette

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11. The 3 Pines Cafe

Three Pines Cafe

Image credit: Tripadvisor

The 3 Pines Cafe is so beautifully decorated that you can click many amazing pictures here. This cafe not only boasts of scenic views but also is great for indulging in a number of delicious dishes. You can find Mexican cuisines, Thai dishes, continental dishes and many more at the famous The 3 Pines Cafe in Dehradun.

Address: 180 A, Rajpur Rd, Rajpur

Cost for two: 1000 INR

Must try: Nachos

12. Cafe Lychee Tree

Cafe Lychee Tree

Image credit: Tripadvisor

With amazing views and delicious food, the Cafe Lychee Tree in Dehradun is a treat to not only your eyes but also your taste buds. The comfortable dining experience along with a friendly atmosphere makes the Cafe Lychee tree a must-visit for all the food lovers.

Address: G-2, Nehru Colony Rd, D Block, Danda Dharampur, Dharampur

Cost for two: 600 INR

Must try: Noodles

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13. The Orchard Cafe

Orchard Cafe

Image credit: Tripadvisor

According to many reviews, the Orchard cafe in Dehradun is known for its live band performance, reasonable cost, amazing view and a lot more. From appetizing starters like chicken tikka to full course meals, you can find a lot of options to choose from. So, make sure you visit this rooftop cafe in Dehradun.

Address: 19, Chakarata Rd, Phase 2, Indian Military Academy

Cost for two: 800 INR

Must try: Seasoned chicken

14. Cafe Turquoise Cottage

Cafe Tc

Image credit: Facebook

The amazing ambience, delicious food, outdoor seating area and more attracts a number of foodies to this beautiful cafe. Cafe Turquoise Cottage in Dehradun is also very budget-friendly. So, hang out with your friends and family at this beautiful cafe.

Address: Rooftop, NCR Plaza, Cafe TC, New Cantonment Rd

Cost for two: 800 INR

Must try: Paneer makhani rocks

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15. 70 Percent Restro Cafe

70 Percent Cafe

Image credit: Tripadvisor

This small and cosy cafe in Dehradun is surrounded by a number of foodies. You can try so many dishes like atta momo, soup, pizza and more while you are at the 70 Percent Restro Cafe. Moreover, the best part is that you can enjoy eating so many delicacies at a very reasonable price.

Address: Ground Floor, Mahadev Tower, General Mahadev Singh Rd, Ballupur Chowk, Mohit Nagar

Cost for two: 800 INR

Must try: Alfredo pasta

16. Eddie’s


Image credit: Tripoto

Dehradun is surrounded by a number of eateries that serve delicious pastries. Eddie’s is one such cafe where you can find a range of pastries like red velvet pastry, blueberry cheesecake and many more. You can also enjoy beverages like hot coffee, watermelon soda pop and a lot more. 

Address: 102 Yamuna Colony, Above Punjab National Bank, Khurbura

Cost for two: 350 INR

Must try: Red velvet pastry

17. Cafe Cibo

Cafe Cibo New

Image credit:

Cafe Cibo is undoubtedly one of the best cafes in Dehradun for a number of reasons. From delicious food to amazing decor, Cafe Cibo has a lot to offer. This place is known for serving the best desserts in Dehradun and also serves delicious quick bites. 

Address: EC Road, Race Course

Cost for two: 800 INR

Must try: Pasta

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18. Cafe Doonga Central

Cafe Doonga Central

Image credit: Tripadvisor

The delicious foods served at this cafe attracts many foodies. You can also find so many popular books at this place that you will want to visit this cafe very often. So, enjoy quality time reading books and enjoying scrumptious snacks, hot chocolate and a lot more.

Address: 13, New Survey Rd, Karanpur, Dehradun

Cost for two: 400 INR

Must try: Choco chip pancake

19. Best Buddy’s Cafe

Best Buddy Cafe

Image credit: Tripadvisor

The prompt service, lip-smacking food, creative decor and more makes Best Buddy’s Cafe a top-rated cafe in Dehradun. If you go by food reviews, you will understand how good this cafe is. So, do not forget to visit the Pacific Hills area and enjoy delicious meals at the Best Buddy’s Cafe in Dehradun. 

Address: Shop 2, Ground Floor, Pacific Hills, Main Mussourie Diversion, Malsi

Cost for two: 500 INR

Must try: Grilled chicken

20. The Swings Cafe

Swings Cafe

Image credit: Tripadvisor

Have you ever tried eating kurkure momo? If not, then what are you waiting for, simply head out to the Swings cafe in Dehradun and try this one of a kind dish. You can also delight your taste buds by eating some popular dishes like grilled sandwiches, pancakes, pizza and the list goes on. 

Address: Brothers Tower, 163 A, 1st Floor, Rajpur Rd, Kishanpur

Cost for two: 400 INR

Must try: Paneer grilled sandwich

21. Just Cafe

Just Cafe

Image credit: Magicpin

The Just Cafe is a cosy and comfortable place to eat when you are in Dehradun. This cafe has a range of fast foods like French fries, pasta and so much more. You can also find hot chocolate, coffee and other beverages at this small cafe in Dehradun.

Address: 32, New Market, Near Clock Tower, Race Course

Cost for two: 650 INR

Must try: Honey chilli potato

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22. Eltham Bakery

Ethlam Bakery

Image credit: Tripadvisor

Eltham Bakery in Dehradun is a heaven for all dessert lovers. This bakery offers many delicious pastries and other desserts to delight your taste buds. You can also find gluten-free food other than the baked food. So, do not wait long and enjoy a delicious dessert at the famous Eltham Bakery.

Address: Shop 11, Pacific Hills, Mussoorie Diversion, Rajpur Road, Malsi

Cost for two: 500 INR

Must try: Coconut cookies

23. Cafe Valley Retreat

Cafe Valley Retreat

Image credit: Zomato

Cafe Valley Retreat is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. This cosy cafe in Dehradun is ideal for couples to spend some quality time and enjoy a candlelight dinner. Moreover, it is the reasonable price that makes a number of foodies visit the Cafe Valley Retreat in Dehradun.

Address: Opp. Tapobhumi Ashram, Rajpur

Cost for two: 750 INR

Must try: Gravy momo

24. Cafe Youngistaan

Cafe Youngistaan

Image credit: Cafe Youngistaan

The Cafe Youngistaan is another cafe which is located on the famous Rajpur road of Dehradun. This is one of the most top-reviewed and featured cafes in Dehradun that is known for serving mouth-watering dishes. Cafe Youngistaan is mainly known for its Italian dishes and a few more delicacies.

Address: 100, Old Rajpur, Kairwaan Gaon, Dehradun

Cost for two: 500 INR

Must try: Pizza

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25. Jalapenos


Image credit: Tripadvisor

Another cafe that you can visit in Dehradun is the Jalapenos. The prompt service, a wide range of food menu, friendly staff and of course the delicious foods makes Jalapenos crowded with many people. So, enjoy the live music and sip a cup of cappuccino with your dear ones at the Jalapenos.

Address: Mussoorie Rd, Kishanpur

Cost for two: 500 INR

Must try: Nacho pizza

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Dehradun known for?

A. The capital city of Uttarakhand, Dehradun is known for serving as the gateway to many beautiful hill stations like Mussoorie, Dhanaulti, Har Ki Doon. It is surrounded by a number of temples, charming parks, food joints, and tourist attractions. One can visit Robber’s Cave, Forest Research Institute (FRI), Sahastradhara, Mindrolling Monastery, Lacchiwalla, and Tapovan Temple.

Q. What is the famous food of Dehradun?

A. Some of the famous food that you can try in Dehradun are:

Chilli momos, bun tikki, Tibetian bun, milk rusk, butter toffee, gravy rolls, and thukpa. Dehradun is also famous for its fragrant and long basmati rice.

Q. Which are the top 10 cafes in Dehradun?

A. The top 10 cafes in Dehradun are:

  • Cafe Cibo
  • Y Cafe
  • Cafe Youngistaan
  • The Swings Cafe
  • Just Cafe
  • Kalsang Ama Cafe
  • Chhaya Cafe
  • The 3 Pines Cafe
  • Cafe Roaster
  • Eddie’s

Q. Which are the best rooftop cafes in Dehradun?

A. Some of the best rooftop cafes in Dehradun are:

  • First Gear Cafe
  • Auric Rooftop Cafe
  • Tapri
  • Cafe Orchard
  • Tonic

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