Late Night Food Spots in Bangalore

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There is nothing worse than having a midnight craving and no options to go out or get things delivered. All of us have been there and ultimately ended up curbing our cravings. Endless scrolling did not lead us anywhere because of the very little options displayed on the search pages. We had it enough, so we researched and curated a list of eating joints in Bangalore that are open to cater your midnight cravings. Go through this list foodies, and thank us later.


Aniram’s Notty Cook:

Looking for some Chinese food being delivered right at your doorstep?Well, Aniram’s Notty Cook is the answer to your cravings. Located in Jayanagar, they serve amazing Chinese and Indian food. Goodbye, cravings.


Rasta Café:

A quaint place down the Mysore Road, a place that is perfect to visit after a long day at work. Rastafari theme based Rasta Café, the food and the ambience make it a must visit.

Empire Restaurant:

There is no better place to cater your midnight cravings other than the Empire Restaurant located in Koramangala. The food served is not only delicious but quite affordable as well. This restaurant is always bustling with people.

Crunch Pizza:

Pizza cravings at midnight? Enjoy pizza whenever you want and that too right at your doorstep. Get your favourite pizza delivered with their recommended side dishes like garlic bread and hot dog.

Richie Rich:

Where to go when you have a sweet tooth, and that too late at night? This place is already very famous for their ice creams and sundaes. Don’t think twice and make a trip here.

South Parade The Chancery Hotel:

Fine dine at midnight! The South Parade offers you global cuisines in a fine set up for a fine midnight dining experience. Do try their Midnight Masala (midnight buffet) and satisfy your taste buds and your heart.

Late Night:

Well, the name says it all. This delivery restaurant is a boon for the midnight owls. Not only this, but they also deliver OTC medications if required, along with the food.

Café Mozaic:

The perfect little coffee place for midnight coffee dates. The smell of freshly baked cookies and bread fills this place with a nice aroma and make you try food items other than the regular coffee.

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