Best Exercises to make your Arms Slimmer

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Thick arms spoil your entire personality. Sometimes you can’t even think of wearing a slim-fit dress or sleeveless clothes because of your arms. Going to the gym might not be possible for everyone, but even doing small exercises at home can help tone and slim your arms.

Here are 5 exercises that can make your arms slim: 

1) Weight-Lifting

For this exercise, you will need any household item that weighs upto 1-2 kgs, such as 2 liters of a cold drink, water bottle or if you have dumbbells, it would be much better.

Method of exercise

Raise the weights with both hands and take them over your head. Keep your hands straight, this will become the starting position. Next lower the weights down further towards your waist. Move your hands slowly while lowering the weight. Repeat this process at least 30 times. Take a brief pause of a few seconds after every repetition. Increase the weight and duration of exercise every week.

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2) Chair Dips

For this exercise, you have to take the help of a bed or a chair which is slightly above the ground. Furniture should be at least 2 feet high from the ground.

Method of exercise

Keep your face forward and hands backward on the chair. In next step, move your body 3 steps forward. Try to touch the ground from your lower half while folding your elbows make a 90-degree angle. Repeat this exercise for 30 times daily.

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3) Scissors

This is a fun exercise to do. It is one of the easiest cardio workouts because it helps in reducing weight very quickly.

Method of exercise

Stretch your arms side to side. Keep the straight hand on the opposite hand in the shape of a scissor. Again stretch your arms towards the side and make a scissor, but this time the hands will reverse their positions.

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4) One Arm Tricep Dips

This exercise reduces the fat accumulated in the upper part of the arms. The best part is that for this exercise,  you don’t need any equipment. You just need your body weight and some space

Method of exercise

Sit on the floor with legs stretched out and hands behind your shoulder. Straighten one hand and move your hips upwards then turn the elbow straight to your arm and bring the hips towards the floor. This procedure should be repeated with the elbow of the opposite hand. It is identical to chair dips except that it is done using 1 arm and is comparatively harder.

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5) Half-Moon Rotation

This exercise requires very little effort but the method and your posture should be correct.

Method of exercise

Stretch both your arms towards your sides making a 180-degree with them. Then roll the two palms towards the ceiling, and then towards the floor. Do this exercise at least 30 times. This exercise reduces the fat from the upper part of the shoulders and arms.

Click the link below to see the how the exercise is done:


NOTE – Just doing these exercises for 10 days will not be enough to make your arms slim and trim. But if you continue this workout consecutively for two months, the difference will be easily visible.

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