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BetterButter Secrets | 5 Pressure Cooker Hacks That’ll Have You Cooking in No Time

Team BetterButter | October 27, 2015

By Team BetterButter

We’ve heard those whistles. Even counted them in our sleep. Even smelt that indescribable aroma – a cross between steaming and boiling – that’s the pressure cooker for you.

Truth is, we’ve all grown up around them pressure cookers but do we actually know how to work them? Remember that pressure cookers cook quickly since they use the pressure created from the built-up, hot, trapped steam in the pot. With these 5 hacks you’re going to ace that pressure (cooker) test and use that gadget to the fullest.

High Low
That’s what your strategy should be. When you put that lid on that pressure cooker make sure that the heat is turned all the way up. Once you can hear the pressure building, turn down and simmer. This will ensure even heating and cooking of the food inside.

Liquid Levels
One of the most important thing to know is that you’ll need a lot less liquid in a pressure cooker only because the food is cooking in a sealed pot and you’ll have a lot less evaporation. Thumb rule is minimum 1 cup of liquid and not more than halfway through the cooker.

Talking time
It’s all about the timing when you use the cooker. While cooking timings are approximate, read that recipe, follow the number of whistles and remember – it’s always better to undercook than overcook. If you need to cook longer do it in 1 to 5 minute intervals under pressure.

Uniform cuts
Alright you can rough chop everything, but make sure they are the same size, only because it’ll cook evenly. While vegetables might still work, this is especially true for meats.

Release Rate
There’s two ways to release pressure when you’re cooking – the natural way, where you let the cooker cool on its own, and the quick release way – where you force the pressure cooker to cool down quickly by either running it under water or just forcing the steam out.

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