• Bhutte(corn) ki Sabzi
      First Prize
      Cook time 30 mins

      Corn is generally preffered roasted or just boiled. One more variation by making sabzi from bhutta is a welcome addition to the menu.

    • Khichda or Dhaleem
      Second Prize
      Cook time 60 mins

      A classic pressure cook dish. Khichda or Dhaleem is the combination of lentils, wheat, rice, boneless meat and spices cooked for long hours to get a thick paste kind of consistency. This dish is mostly prepared during fasting period of Ramadan. It's a protein rich dish, which is mild yet flavourful.

    • Godumai/ Dalia Bisibelebath
      Third Prize
      Cook time 45 mins

      A healthy, spicy delicious one pot meal. Pair it with appalam or chips.

    • Layered Beetroot - Carrot Halwa/Burfi/Fudge
      Wild Card
      Cook time 20 mins

      If you are looking out for an easy dessert recipes to treat your loved ones then I would recommend you to try this. Just simple assembling can make a regular halwa look festive.

    • Bhapa Doi (Steamed Sweet Yogurt)
      Wild Card
      Cook time 30 mins

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