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BetterButter Secrets | 6 Essential Baking Tools for a Novice Baker

Deviyani Srivastava | February 3, 2016

By Deviyani Srivastava

There is no better feeling than creating something delicious and then watch it being eaten by your family and friends and. Especially if it’s cake. While the word “bake” might scare some, we’ve listed out tools that will help you get started.

Oven: Not a microwave or a pressure cooker but an O.T.G (Oven, Toast and Grill) is your best bet. Invest in a good OTG to get those perfect fluffy cakes, remember the round donut oven that our grannies used. Their cakes always tasted perfect. So get your hands on a good oven, but that’s not all. Read the instruction manual and get a sense of how all the gadgets and buttons work.
That’s not all, your oven is unique and it’s important for you to know your oven. Setting the temperature as per the recipe might not always do the trick, so keep checking to ensure you are up to date with the progress.

Measuring Tools: The key to a perfect cake is following the recipe down to its specifics, which includes measuring the ingredients and sticking to the temperatures mentioned. Here is what you must have:
a. Measuring Spoons: We prefer spoons with clear markings or different color so as to eliminate any confusion between 1 tsp and 1/2 tsp.
b. Dry Ingredients measuring cups: Go for measuring cups that have long handles and wide, shallow bodies which can be easily dipped into flour and sugar containers.
c. A liquid measuring cup: Firstly it is calibrated for liquid ingredients and second, it is always more accurate to use a separate cup for liquids. We do prefer glass over plastic as it is more resistant to scratches.

Make sure they are all sturdy and microwave safe.

Mixing bowls: This is something you might already have but in case you don’t, we suggest you get a set of 3 which basically covers all the size requirements. Plus they are multipurpose and shall find various other uses as well.

Mixing spoons: For the mixing process or technique you can adopt the age old style of mixing the batter with a wooden spoon or a whisk for long period of time. But for saving on time and energy we suggest a good brand of electric hand mixer or a stand mixer. The end results are mostly similar. Opt for a good brand, even a little expensive will do as it shall last you a life time.

Baking tins: This decides the shape of your cake. There are so many pans in the market and while we admire all those fun, one time use pans, you only need a handful of pans for your basic baking. You can chose a simple round or square shapes or you can go for a fancy heart shape too. But here are some basic tins you can chose to start your baking with.
a. Round cake tin: are best for traditional round layer cakes, non stick ones are the best bet.

b. Square cake tin: requires to be moved around for better and even browning on the edges.

c. Loaf pan: A standard bread loaf pan is 9×5 inches. Opt for a heavy and plain design with good grip at the ends.

d. 9×13″Inch Baking Pan: Being the most standard pan size. You can chose from glass or aluminum but our preference lies more with the metal pan.

Just make sure the pan is sturdy and has even thickness to ensure the heating happens evenly.

Parchment paper: This prevents the cake from sticking to the cake tin and makes it easier to extract.
So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and get started with the recipe of perfect cakes click here.

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