Food First | All About Comfort Eating and Designing Your Food Travelogue For 2016

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By Team BetterButter

We’ve got an amazing line-up for you to read this week. There’s a bit about eating in bed, and then something that the whole world is now concerned about – our food supply – and where it’s headed.  A similar argument seems to be enveloping the wine industry as well. Plus, why eating sugar is bad for you and finally what “foodies” like us should be doing in 2016. Read on to find out more.

You Wine Some : There’s no such thing at the perfect wine, or is there? Huffington Post talks about why only you should care about what you’re drinking and really not bother about what the “experts” have to say. They’ve got that down pat. Feel validated when you read this here.

Don’t Let Those Bed Bugs Bite: Quite literally! Nigella Lawson keeps condiments in her nightstand, and has long been an advocate of dining in bed. But what is acceptable to eat between the sheets – and what is best avoided? This article in The Guardian talks about exactly that.

That Sugar Rush: Are you a comfort eater? Experts reveal why fatty and sugary food is so irresistible… from it soothing pain to releasing ‘happy’ chemicals in the brain. This is Daily Mail’s guide to emotional eating.

Eating The Right Stuff:  Washington Post is finally asking the right question – What explains the discrepancy between the common perception of a growing “food movement” and the disconcerting data on what people actually buy and eat? Find out the answer right here.

The 2016 lowdown: Yes, the first month of the year is nearly over, but this is the stuff that us foodies live for.  The New York Times round up of where you must travel this year for food. Is it Italy? Belgium or simply New York.  Read on.

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