7 Perfect Soups to Try This Week!

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The ultimate comfort food on a chilly winters day is a simple soup. Atleast for us at BetterButter. The moment the temperature dips, we just want to cradle a warm bowl of soup.

The thing with a good bowl of soup is that you can customize it as you like it.  For example vegetable-based soups are a great option nutritionally for those watching their weight. A chicken noodle soup will nurse your flu and make you feel stronger in no time. So here’s a range of delicious homemade meal  in a bowl that we call soup.

Chicken Noodle Soup –This classic super simple to make soup is the fondest of them all. The goodness from the chicken and noodles make it a light and nourishing meal. A known cure-all for whatever may come with the cold, we can assure you that it is truly a medicine for the body and the soul in a  bowl.

Barley and Vegetable Soup – A hearty and filling soup, Barley is a wonderful versatile cereal grain, also being a fiber-rich grain, when cooked in a pot with carrots, tomato and other vegetables contains many health benefits.

Smoked Pumpkin Soup – A smokin’ dish! The method of smoking and cooking lets the flavors of the smoke infuse into a warm-belled soup. Bursting with the warm fall flavors, this pumpkin soup is rich, creamy and hauntingly satisfying.

Chickpea Soup – An indulging and filling meal in a bowl, the smooth base is made with the tender chickpeas. Cooked with vegetables incorporated with peppers, this soup is definitely going turn up the heat for you.

Mutton Leg Soup – Don’t throw away those leftover meat bones! They are packed with flavors and cooking them in a pot with vegetables can bring out an infused delightful soup to enjoy

Thai Noodle Soup – With fragrant spices and heat balanced with chicken stock and noodles, this is a favorite warming noodle soup, which never fails to satisfy.

Tortilla Soup – Mexican flavours at its best. A tomato broth with lots of kidney beans makes this soup absolutely delectable. Throw in some cheese and a crisp tortilla, it’s like a party in your mouth.

Fresh vegetables and meat is a must for the soup to be at its best.  Now place those pots on your stove and simmer into a warm and cozy winter day with no fear.


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