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BetterButter Secrets | Eat Smart this Festive Season

Bindiya Sharma | November 6, 2015

By Bindiya Sharma

Does your heart sink at the thought of piling on those extra pounds this festive season? Fear not. This Diwali, follow our pointers and eat smart. No more guilt trips. No more crash diets. Just good wholesome eating

Eat only the foods you really enjoy.
The mantra is to eat only the really expensive, most enjoyable food! Stay away from everything else especially “low fat” snacks (just an eyewash). Do not however use the festive season as an excuse to over-indulge.

Watch out for emotional eating.
Watch out for stuffing your mouth on those shopping sprees or to relieve some of that stress from arranging and attending parties and meeting friends and family.

Get enough sleep.
Believe it or not, some studies have shown that when people are short on sleep, they eat more.So wind up those card parties early and get some sleep!

Have realistic expectations.
Diwali is not the time to try and lose weight. Consider yourself successful just to maintain your weight. Don’t feel guilty either if, in spite of your best efforts, you put on a pound or two. A few pounds can be easily taken care of when your schedule gets back to normal in December.

Beware of the “all-or-nothing” attitude.
This time can be deadly if you have the “all-or-nothing” attitude towards food. This attitude says: “What’s the use? I over ate during the Diwali party. I might as well stop watching what I eat and go all the way”

Create lower calorie versions of high calorie favorites.
If you are talented in the kitchen, consider modifying some of your favourite recipes to make them lower in total calorie content.Add heart healthy walnuts and flaxseeds!

Eat low-calorie at home, high-calorie when eating out.
To really enjoy all the rich food that is served at parties without putting on too much weight, eat low calorie meals at home to even out the total damage.Another trick is to have a bowl of yogurt before heading out, that way you eat less at the party.

Modify your fitness routine.
You need exercise now more than any other time during the year to manage stress levels and to burn off all those excess calories.  Instead of not exercising at all, try modifying your usual routine by cutting down on either the frequency or the duration of your workouts. If you are used to working out daily, try cutting it down to two to three times a week.

Choose the lesser evil.
Choose wisely, ditch the deep fried.. reach out for that chicken/paneer tikka instead of the butter chicken..fill your tummy with healthier stuff for a happier you.

For ideas for Low calorie eating, check out BetterButter’s Healthy Recipes Collection here.

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