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Chef of the Fortnight | Nishant Choubey

Bindiya Sharma | November 9, 2015

By Bindiya Sharma

This young boy from Bokaro, Bengal dreamt different even while his parents pinned their hopes on their son growing up to be a doctor, engineer, IAS officer.

Instead, it was the food world that had totally wrapped Nishant Choubey around its fingers. Twelve years later, he’s not just been around the world but is now known as one of the best chefs in India.

As the Executive Sous chef at the gorgeous Dusit Devrana, Choubey talks to Betterbutter in an exclusive Q and A session about  how teamwork is the key to success and why you should not throw away the chilka of fruits and veggies in your everyday cooking!

Q.How does it feel handling the entire kitchen team at the Dusit Devrana?
It’s fun, everything is very well managed..I ensure that anyone I hire should have the right attitude to work “no rockstars please”!.

Q. What cuisine do you lean towards?
I have been in this Industry for the past 12-13 years and have travelled all over the world, I do a “new world cuisine”,which actually means not any particular cuisine but just about anything, if you give me a tomato I create twenty dishes out of it, that’s what it means to be a chef.

Q. Chef Gaggan Anand was recently in India, what all did you learn from him?
I feel very fortunate to meet him, infact I will be flying to Bangkok on the 11th of Nov to create a sit down Indian dinner for fifty people, Gaggan has a great team that is extremely well trained.This is something which everyone should learn from him.

Q.You cooked your first dish at the age of fourteen, what was it?
Since I am from Bengal, the first dish I cooked was a Mustard fish curry.

Q.What is your take on Molecular gastronomy and how do you use it in your cooking?
The problem is that in India it did not really take off, also this kind of food you cannot eat everyday as it involves a lot of biochemical processes, Molecular gastronomy needs to be used in a certain way. It’s a great concept but the ingredients are costly!

Q.What is trending in India at the moment and what do you predict will be hot in the future?
Healthy would definitely be a priority, Nordic or Peruvian cuisine will be the hottest trend in the future.That is my prediction.

Q.Which celebrities have you cooked for up till now? Who is the one person you would love to cook for?
I have cooked for Amitabh Bachchan, Hritik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan till date however, I would have loved to cook for Mother Teresa.

Q.What is that one dish you can cook/eat all the time?
I go home and eat two chapatis and a simple curry, just love home cooked food and I can eat it all the time.

Q.Three tips for the home cook?

Be fearless

Add lots of love to your food

Don’t throw away the chilka of veggies and fruits, there is loads of nutrition under the skin!

Also checkout Nishant’s Foodbook on BetterButter here.

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