Food First | Self-stirring Mug, Julia Child’s Home and More on This Week’s Food Feature Roundup

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By Team Better Butter

There’s a lot happening in the world of food this week. First up is the fact that Julia Child’s home in Provence, France is up for sale. As if that wasn’t heart-breaking enough closer home, the Guardian reports that the India Railways is all set to phase out the pantry car and instead go the airlines way.  No more soup cups for us. Speaking of cups, we’ve got two kinds on our menu today – a review of the self-stirring mug and an ode to the myriad beautiful cups that Starbucks has designed over the years. And finally, we leave you with some tips on how NOT to burn pizza as home. Or how NOT to burn anything at all in your ovens. That’s a pretty awesome line up we’ve got for you here:

Take me home
Or not. But culinary genius Julia Child’s holiday home in Provence, France is up for grabs. While her kitchen remains completely intact, this 1,500-square-feet three bedroom, kitchen and open plan living room is on escrow for about $880,000. Pretty cool eh?

Meals on Wheels
It’s looking like the slow death of the Indian Railways Pantry Car. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced that the way to go forward was to invest in high speed trains. Which means no more call outs for soups or tea. No more bread omlette and no more chicken curry. While this century old institution will be phased out slowly, read on to find out what’s next on the cards.

Cup Tales
A fortnight ago, there was a huge hue and cry about the latest red cups that Starbucks as their limited edition holiday special. Either people loved it or quite simply hated it. Huffington Post Taste, took it a step forward and decided to make designs on these cups that you simply could not take your eyes off.

Tea time Travails
Called the Lazy Man Mug, its tagline reads “Get the perfect stir, without lifting a spoon”, you won’t be able to imagine your life without this fantastic gadget.  Read more about it on

Open Oven
Rick Martinez of Bon Appetit answers all your baking crises. No more burnt crusts, no more over-baked cheese. Here’s how to make the best use of your oven.

Meanwhile for more pizza recipes, click here

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