BetterButter Secrets | Messy Cook? 6 Tips To A Sparkling Kitchen

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By Sujata Limbu

If the question on your mind is, how can I cook without making a mess, then, this one is for you. Messy cooks are known to make delicious food but sometime the aftermath in the kitchen resembles a war zone. It might seem like quite a painful chore to clean up, but with our tips, you’ll come out with a sparkling kitchen, each time, every time.

  1. Plan ahead- Reviewing your cooking project in hand can make a complicated process seem very simple and easy to follow. Take some time to mentally note the steps that you will require for a dish before you enter the kitchen. Pre-planning is the key to make a complicated dish easy to cook.
  2. Use a bowl as a garbage bag- Walking or bending over to the garbage area can be tiring while you are busy cooking. So use a large bowl as a garbage bag and place this on the kitchen counter, you can put in all the cooking waste and vegetable peelings, etc. This will surely save you some needed energy.
  3. Clean as you go- Make sure that you clean up immediately instead of postponing it. While cooking, the stove area and the kitchen countertop can get extremely messy and smelly. As the dish is getting cooked, spare some time to swipe and clean up immediately.
  4. Place a mat under the chopping board- Placing a thin plastic mat under the chopping board can help you clean up easily as well as keep a hold of the chopped items that slip off the board. Furthermore since its plastic, the mat can be cleaned in seconds.
  5. Arrange your kitchen counter before cooking- Make sure to arrange and clean your cooking counter before you start cooking, this is a useful method of saving on the cleaning work that is bound to follow. While the right arrangement of the counter top will make it easier to reach out for spices and utensils while you cook.
  6. Do not cook in a hurry – One thing that messy cooks do not realize is that the more you hurry, the bigger a mess left to clean. The most effective way to minimize mess is to take your time while cooking. A slow cooking process gives you enough time to wash used utensils in between and wipe off any stains on the counter.

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