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BetterButter Recipes | 7 Unusual Pickles You Must Make Now

Team BetterButter | March 30, 2016

By Team BetterButter

The sun is shining and the weather is blue. Naaah, the weather is perfect for pickling. Good pickles need lots of sunlight and plenty of TLC. And if you’re tired of eating the same old aam or nimbu ka achaar, we’re listing out a range of unusual pickles that are just begging to be tried at home. Go ahead, shed your inhibitions and get pickling.

Dates Pickle: A sweet and spicy pickle that just tastes heavenly with some Biryani, this recipe barely takes 20 minutes to put together and can stay refrigerated for a while.

Orange Peel Pickle: Don’t throw away those peels as yet because you’re just about to be amazed. Mustard and fenugreek seeds dot this sharp pickle, which can easily replace a vegetable dish for your afternoon meal.

Pink Ginger Pickle: A very easy, instant ginger pickle which accompanies most food very well. All you need is little salt and lemon juice. Use the freshest ginger possible.

Bitter Gourd Pickle: Alright, alright, this is a slightly more bitter pickle as compared to what you’re normally used to. But trust us, when we say this is just too fabulous to give it a miss.

Drumsticks Pickle: Unique and absolutely delicious, this pickle uses tomatoes as a base. Tender drumsticks and pickling spices such as fenugreek and mustard just bring out the flavours.

Raw Cranberry Pickle: Sweet and spicy, this pickle uses the tartness from the dried cranberries, also know as karonda, to balance out the flavours.

Fresh Turmeric Pickle: This is an anti-oxidant packed pickle. The brightness from fresh tumeric and the sharpness from ginger just packs a powerful punch.

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