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Bring Positivity into your Kitchen with these Vastu Tips!

Loveleen Gupta | August 14, 2018

The kitchen is an important part of any household –it is the source of food, vitality, health, and vigor. It is therefore critical, that this important room in the house is always filled with positive energy. Though, you do everything to make this happen, planning your kitchen according to the science of Vastu can ensure that a constructive, productive and positive aura never leaves your house.

Vastu shastra is essentially the science of keeping the five elements of fire, water, air, sky, and earth in balance. This balance is the harbinger of prosperity. Here are a few vastu tips, which you can easily incorporate into your kitchen:  

Placement of Kitchen Appliances

  • The Lord of Fire rules the southeast direction. Therefore, ideally, the kitchen should be located in the southeast direction in a home. If this is not possible, then try to place the kitchen in the northwest direction.
  • All the appliances that are used for cooking, primarily the gas stove and electric appliances, should be kept in the southeast direction. The gas stove should not face the entrance of the kitchen.
  • The washing area, including the kitchen sink, dishwasher, water pipes, and the kitchen drain should be planned in the north or northeast direction. Ensure that it is as far from the cooking stove as possible.

  • An exception to the above rule is the water tank. The water tank should be planned outside the kitchen in the west direction. This will ensure a balance between the fire and water elements, thus bringing in health and wealth.


Inside the Kitchen

  • Choose the kitchen flooring from marble, mosaic or ceramic tiles.
  • Ensure that the walls are colored a vibrant color like a rose, yellow, orange, red or chocolate. Avoid black as it harbors negative energy.

  • In order to invite good luck in the house, ensure that the food grains, pulses, other staples and the utensils are stored in the south or west direction.
  • The fridge, if kept in the southwest direction, will ensure that all obstacles in life are overcome easily and a peaceful environment is maintained at home.
  • The cylinder and the geyser should be in the southeast direction and the exhaust fan should be in the eastern direction.
  • Keep the counter clutter-free to allow good energy to keep flowing into the kitchen.

  • Place two tulsi plants in the kitchen to rid the air of impurities.


Other Things to Keep in Mind when Planning your Kitchen

  • The kitchen should not share a common wall with a toilet, bathroom, puja room and a bedroom. Neither should these be located above or below the kitchen.
  • The door of the kitchen should neither face a toilet door nor the main entrance of the house.
  • Enter the kitchen from the east, north or west direction. Also, try to keep the entry to the kitchen in the middle rather than a corner.
  • A large window should be placed in the east.
  • If the person cooking in the kitchen cannot see the entrance, then place a mirror or reflective tiles in such a way that they can see the entrance of the kitchen at all times.

Following these small but essential Vastu tips can ensure greater prosperity and better health for your family.

Image sources: Pexels and Flickr.

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