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10 Awesome Cleaning Hacks you’ll Swear by!

Shruti Jolly Suri | August 13, 2018

Whether you are a cleanliness freak or you only clean the house before guests arrive, cleaning hacks make life so much more easier! Save time, energy and money by using these effective cleaning hacks at home: 


1) Cleaning the Blender

Fill the blender with lukewarm water and add a few drops of liquid detergent to it. Switch the blender on.  After this, rinse the blender with clean water. The dust and dirt will vanish and will make your blender super-clean! 


2) Sponge used to Wash Dishes

When the dish-washing sponge is left in the sink or water,  it tends to attract bacteria, thereby making it extremely important to clean the sponge.  Keep the sponge in the microwave for 30 seconds and wait for 1-2 minutes before taking it out. Now your sponge is bacteria-free


3) Make your Rings Sparkle

To get the shine on your rings back, clean your rings with a hydrogen peroxide solution.


4) Use Lemon to Remove Bad Odours and Tough Stains

Stubborn stains on the shower and taps can easily be removed by scrubbing lemon over them. These used lemons can then be put in the kitchen or in the dustbins to remove bad odours.


5) Stove Top Rings

You must have observed that no matter how much you clean the rings on the gas stove with soap or detergent, the rust and burnt scraps don’t go away.  Take a ziplock bag, add regular ammonia to the bag and place the stove rings into the bag.  Leave this bag in the sink overnight. You will be surprised to see that your stove top rings will be squeaky clean in the morning!


6) Cleaning Fans

We usually clean our fans at home during Diwali or any other special occasions since it’s impossible to clean them every day. A pillow cover can make this task easier, even when the house has been cleaned for the day. All you need to do is cover the blades of the ceiling fan with old pillow covers. Once you wipe the blades of the fan with the pillow covers,  all the dust will stick to the pillow cover.


7) Scratches on Wooden Furniture

Use a mixture of 1/4 cup vinegar and 3/4 cup olive oil to remove scratch marks from your expensive wooden furniture and enhance its beauty.


8) Exhaust Fans

Wondering how to clean the exhaust fan?  All you need is a piece of cloth dipped in detergent and wrapped around a butter knife. Use this to easily clean the exhaust fans in your house.  


9) Removing Stubborn Stains from Clothes

The regular salt kept in your kitchen can help you remove difficult stains from your clothes. Rub salt over the stain and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it off with detergent and clean water. The stain will literally vanish! 


10) Tape it Up

Wrap tape on your fingers to remove dust and mud from lampshades, drawers etc.

We hope these cleaning hacks will help you easily clean difficult areas and stains. If you also know of any such cleaning hacks,  do share them with us! 

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Shruti Jolly Suri




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