Reuse your Old Sarees to make these New Outfits!

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Saree is the traditional Indian dress and women like to wear sarees for all important festivals. We like to buy sarees on every occasion, resulting in our almirahs being full of old sarees, which we do not end up wearing. Do you know you can use old sarees to create new outfits like gowns, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits etc? You may be surprised to read this, but this is possible.

Come let’s see the different types of garments we can create using our old sarees: 

1) Floral Maxi Dress

All you need is a floral print georgette saree and a single color cloth for the border. You can cut the cloth as per the directions in the video given below and get beach-ready in 10 minutes! 

Click here for the video:


2) One Piece Dress

To make this gorgeous dress, all you need is a single colour chiffon saree. Follow the steps in the video to create one layer at a time to create a beautiful dress.

Click here for the video: 


3) Lehenga

If you don’t want to spend a bomb on a lehenga that you will wear only once or twice on festive occasions, then revamp an old saree with the help of this video.

Click here for the video: 


4) Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are in vogue, especially during the summer season.  If you want to wear a jumpsuit, dig in to your cupboards for an old saree that you can transform into a fashionable jumpsuit.

Click here for the video: 


5) Palazzo Pants

Be it a top or a kurti, everything goes well with a pair of palazzo pants. Not only is it really comfortable but it also gives a very classy look. What’s more, you can easily make a palazzo with your old saree. Just follow the steps given in the video and create your own palazzo.

Click here for the video: 


Source: Youtube

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