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Say Bye-Bye to Belly Fat with these 2 Exercises!

Riya Aggarwal | December 24, 2018

Say Bye-Bye to Belly Fat with these 2 Exercises!

Belly fat is one of the most stubborn fats in the human body. It takes the longest time to go and requires a lot of exercise. If you’re keen on losing belly fat, you must have tried various things but there are just 2 simple exercises that can easily help you lose stubborn belly fat. Lets see what these 2 exercises are:


1) Kettle Bells Swing

Kettle bells can easily be found in stores that sell exercise equipment. To do this exercise, stand with your feet slightly apart. The body should be in a leaning, half-bent position. Hold the kettle bells in your hands. Now, bend towards the gap between your legs. Swing the kettle bells from there towards your shoulders. Do this slowly and carefully in order to avoid any injury.


2) Boat Style Exercise

Another exercise that can help you lose belly fat is the boat style exercise. This is a very simple exercise and can easily be done at home. Sit on the floor/mat and stretch your legs towards the ceiling. Make sure that your legs remain straight throughout the course of the exercise. Lift both your hands up and inhale deeply. Now slowly bend towards your legs and touch your feet. While doing so, try to make your shoulders touch your knees as well.


Whenever you have the time, try doing these 2 simple exercises. Doing these exercises regularly will help you bid adieu to that stubborn belly fat! So go ahead and try them out!

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