Dr. Shikha Sharma tells us how to Detox after the Festive Season!

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Christmas and New Year pass away in a blur of parties, brunches and family get togethers. During all these events, we unknowingly tend to binge on food. However, to feel better and healthy after this, it’s important to detox. Well-known nutritionist and dietician, Shikha Sharma tells us how to detox after the festive season.

Based on Ayurvedic principles, Dr. Shikha Sharma has shared a three-day detox plan. Lets see what the plan is.


Day 1

Morning: Drink lukewarm water with ½ tsp of honey and lemon. Follow this up with a decoction of ginger, tulsi leaves and cinnamon.

Breakfast: For your morning meal, avoid having dairy products and cereal. Just eat fruit.

Mid-Morning: Have a cup of green tea or herbal tea.

Lunch: Have two bowls of spinach soup. Add a bit of turmeric to the soup as well.

Bedtime: Before going to sleep, have a teaspoon of triphala and wheat bran with water.

If you have the time, Dr. Sharma recommends that you go in for an Ayurvedic body massage with medicated oils (abhyanga). Follow it up with some steam.


Day 2

Follow the same schedule as above for the second day as well. Add two glasses of coconut water and one glass each of aloe vera juice and wheat grass juice to your diet.

Bedtime: Before going to bed, mix 1 tsp of triphala and ½ tsp of wheat bran with water. Consume this before sleeping.

Abhyanga and steam are also recommended for the second day.


Day 3

Morning: Drink a ginger decoction with honey.

Lunch: Have two bowls of spinach and corn soup.

Teatime: During this time, drink green tea or a tulsi tea.

Dinner: Have rice khichdi with 1 tsp of organic ghee. Avoid having curd and pickles with the khichdi.

Abhyanga and steam are also recommended for the third day.

Follow Dr. Shikha Sharma’s detox diet, to start the new year on a healthy note!   

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