Causes and Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

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Stomach cancer is one of the most common and life-threatening diseases nowadays. Apart from genetic reasons, an unhealthy lifestyle and erratic eating habits are the main cause of stomach cancer. Men are more prone to stomach cancer,  when compared to women. Stomach cancer is also referred to as Gastric cancer. It is basically a mass of abnormal cells which get deposited at one place,  take the shape of a gland and the start spreading from there. It starts in the internal areas of the stomach and slowly spreads to other areas such as the intestines, liver and the food pipe. Most of the times, stomach cancer is an adenocarcinoma, which is a malignant tumour. Stomach cancer is of three types-lymphoma, gastrointestinal stromal tumors and carcinoid tumour, which is not very commonly seen.


What Causes Stomach Cancer?

Although there are no specific causes of stomach cancer,  unhealthy eating habits and genetic problems may cause stomach cancer. Let’s take a look  at the different causes: 


1) H.Pylori Infection

The cause of this infection is a type of bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori, which stays inside a sticky layer of the stomach. When this bacteria stays in the stomach for a long time, it can lead to an infection which can cause swelling and ulcers which then turn cancerous.


2) Excessive Smoking and/or Drinking

People who smoke excessively or consume too much alcohol are also more prone to contracting stomach cancer.


3) Obesity

According to some studies, the extra fat accumulated around the stomach is also a cause of stomach cancer, apart from variety of other diseases. Although it has not been proven as the main cause of stomach cancer, one can’t deny that obesity does lead to various diseases.


4) Unhealthy Eating Habits

Consuming excessive amount of fried foods, spicy foods or eating very salty foods regularly also increases the risk of stomach cancer. Consuming heavily spiced fish and poultry too often, can also increase the risk of stomach cancer.


Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

Many times, the symptoms of stomach cancer are not visible as they are not very prominent. By the time a person gets to know the symptoms of stomach cancer, the cancer has already reached an advanced stage.

Here are some of the early symptoms of stomach cancer: 


1) Stomach ache and Loss of Appetite

Suffering from a constant stomach ache and a loss of appetite is definitely an indicator of a problem and must be shared with a doctor immediately.


2) Swelling in the Stomach

Swelling in the stomach immediately after having lunch, may also be a symptom of stomach cancer. If you feel that there is any fluid deposited in the stomach, it could be an advanced stage of stomach cancer.


3) Weakness, Tiredness and Anaemia

Patients suffering from stomach cancer also suffer from weakness and tiredness, which may also lead to reduction in the amount of blood in the body.


4) Black-Coloured Stool

In an advanced stage of stomach cancer, one may pass a black-colored stool due to the presence of blood in it.

Upon seeing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, one should consult a doctor immediately. The best way to prevent stomach cancer is to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat food timely and exercise regularly.

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