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Causes and Symptoms of Uterine Cancer that Every Woman should Know

Nithya Lakshmi | June 21, 2018

When the cells inside the uterus increase abnormally in size, it forms cancer. This form of cancer is called uterine cancer. Women, who are more than 50 years old, are more likely to contract this type of cancer. Uterine cancer can occur due to various reasons such as having a delay in menopause or the early start of menstruation, smoking, taking special medicines or obesity.

Research has shown that the rate of uterine cancer in women from  Western countries is comparatively higher. In the last 5 years, the survival rate of such patients in India is 92%.  Uterine cancer is often referred to as a “Silent Killer” because we can not see its symptoms in the initial stages.


Some of the reasons for uterine cancer are listed below:

1) Genetics

If someone in your family has ever suffered from uterine cancer,  then your chances of contracting this cancer are higher.


2) Early Start of the Menstrual Cycle

Although menstrual cycles in women normally start at the age of 13, if your periods started earlier it could be a cause of uterine cancer.


3) Obesity

Excessive obesity in women can also be a cause of cancer. Due to obesity, the fat may take the form of a tumor which increases in size and then develops into cancer.


4) Hormonal Changes

Uterine cancer can also occur due to the unbalanced secretion of the two sex hormones- estrogen and progesterone, in a woman’s body. 


5) Sugar or High Blood Pressure

A study has shown that women who have a high level of sugar or have a history of high blood pressure, are more prone to uterine cancer.


6) Delay in Occurrence of Menopause

In general, the correct age of menopause is around 50 years, but sometimes menopause in women occurs at 60 or 70 years. Such women are more likely to develop uterine cancer.


7) Smoking

Excessive smoking in women can also cause uterine cancer.

Some common symptoms of Uterine Cancer are:

1) Pelvic Pain

If there is a pain in your pelvis, do consult a doctor. The pain could be due to the increasing pressure on your ovaries as a result of tumor formation.


2) Periods last more than 5 Days

If you have been having more than 5 days of menstruation and the bleeding is more than usual, immediately consult a doctor immediately. This could also be a symptom of uterine cancer.


3) Always Feeling Tired

If you feel exhausted, despite not doing any strenuous work or if you always feel sleepy,  do not ignore these signs. These signs could be the initial symptoms of uterine cancer.


4) Trouble in Bowel Movements

When the size of a tumor increases, it puts pressure on our intestines, which hinders our bowel movements. That’s why we should consult a doctor when we feel like this for a long period of time.


5) Feeling of Pain during Intercourse

The act of painful intercourse is also known as dyspareunia. If you have uterine cancer, you may experience a lot of pain due to the presence of tumor in the ovary during the time of intercourse.

If you also observe any such symptoms in your body, do not waste your time thinking, consult a doctor today.

Image Source: Pixabay, Pexel, Public Domain Files,, Wikimedia Commons.

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