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Jawed Habib’s Tips for Tangled Hair

Kavita Uprety | June 21, 2018

It is natural for the changing weather to impact your hair along with your skin. Whereas hair gets listless and rough in summers due to lack of water in the body, the advent of monsoon leads to hair getting sticky due to the moisture in the air and often all this leads to hair fall.

With the busy schedules and routines of these days, taking time to completely care for the hair is very difficult, especially for working women. But if your hair gets tangled often, this is not possible as not only could it lead to knots forming in the hair but also more hair breaking and you’ll have to spend more time trying to untangle them. Hair Expert Jawed Habib has many tips that can help you deal with all these issues. Let’s know more about these useful tips.

1. Combing Right

First of all, let us know the correct way of combing hair. Jawed Habib says that whenever hair gets tangled, don’t comb from top to down but first start combing and untangling the lower side of the hair and then, layer by layer, go upwards in untangling the hair. This leads to hair getting detangled easily without breaking off.


2. Use a wide tooth comb 

Jawed says that even after taking care, your hair gets tangled and knotted, then use wide tooth comb to detangle them. Do not use a brush as this could lead to broken hair in trying to detangle the hair whereas the wide tooth of the comb with the open spaces between the comb tooth can help untangle the hair slowly and easily without harming them.


3. Keep the hair tied 

Many women, especially young girls like to keep their hair open and free-flowing. This can make your personality attractive but is not beneficial for your hair. Open, free-flowing hair is easily affected by sunlight, dust, and pollution and all of this can lead to knots getting formed in the hair. Tied hair remains protected from all these ill effects.


4. Reduce the use of blow dryers

Habib says that blow dry your hair as less as possible. Heat due to weather harms the hair a lot and on top of that, the hot dry air from the dryer makes the hair even rougher which leads to hair getting tangled and knotted even more.  

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