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20 Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil In Winters That You Must Know

Loveleen Gupta | November 28, 2018

Dry skin and hair are some of the most common problems in the winter months. Other than this, dandruff is also a matter of concern, especially during the winters. While there are a number of expensive oils and lotions to hydrate your hair and skin, take a second look at that bottle of coconut oil lying in your cupboard. Coconut oil is an age-old remedy that helps a lot in nourishing your hair and skin during the winters. Excessively hydrating, versatile and inexpensive, this wonder oil can work miracles for your skin and hair. So, we have listed some of the benefits of this beneficial hair oil here. 

Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil In Winter

1. To Remove Dark Circles

Rub a small amount of coconut oil around and under the eyes before sleeping at night. It helps repair damaged cells, prevents wrinkles and makes dark circles and eye bags disappear in no time. The coconut oil uses is such that it also helps to make your face glow and prevent it from damage. 

2. Protect Your Skin From Damage During Shaving

Shaving is one of the tedious things when it comes to grooming. However, with the use of coconut oil, you can shave without any worries. Just wet the area to be shaved and apply a thin layer of coconut oil and shave. Rinse the area with lukewarm water. The coconut oil will protect against shaving burns, leaving the skin feeling moisturized and smooth.

3. As An Effective Makeup Remover

Removing make-up is very necessary when it comes to skincare. There are two ways to use coconut oil as a makeup remover. You can apply some on a tissue or cotton pad and wipe away the makeup or rub in some oil over the makeup with your fingertips and let it rest for 2-3 minutes. Rinse the face with lukewarm water and wipe off the remaining makeup with a tissue or a cotton pad.

4. Moisturizer for Cracked Heels In Winters

Heels getting cracked during the winters is a common phenomenon. However, the coconut oil benefits for the skin are such that it even helps to heal the cracked heels. All you have to do is warm a little coconut oil and rub it in the cracks at night. It is advisable that you wear a pair of socks and sleep for better results. Doing so will allow the feet to absorb the oil and avoid further cracking.

5. Acts As Exfoliator

Another benefit of coconut oil is that it can be used as an exfoliator. Just mix an equal amount of brown sugar and coconut oil and store them in a glass jar. This makes an excellent exfoliator that can help gently scrape off dead skin from the face and the body. It leaves the body feeling moisturized and smooth. 

6. Coconut Oil For Lips

Cracked and chapped lips are something that worries all of us during the winters. But, with the use of coconut oil even this problem gets solved. Just remember to rub some coconut oil around your lip region to protect it from getting chapped during the winters.

7. As  A Hair Conditioner

Coconut oil is an age-old remedy for treating hair related problems. From ensuring proper growth to protecting it from damage, coconut oil does a lot for your hair. So, reduce the winter fizz in your hair by massaging a generous amount of coconut oil into your scalp and leaving it overnight. Shampoo in the morning and style as usual. The oil will leave a shine on your hair and make you fall in love with your hair again. 

8. Eczema Reliever

Worried about eczema and don’t know what to do? If that’s the case, then mix in 5 tablespoons of coconut oil with 2 tablespoons each of vitamin E and rosemary oil and store in a bottle. Apply on eczema scars thrice a day to get relief during flare-ups and to lighten scars over time.

9. For Dental Health

Using coconut oil for dental health is highly beneficial. It greatly improves dental and oral health. Just place a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil in the mouth and swish it around for 15-20 minutes. It reduces plaque and gingivitis, kills germs and prevents cavities.

10. Nasal Ointment

Very often during winters, your nostrils might get dry. If you too are facing this problem, then consider using coconut oil. Just use a cotton ball and apply some coconut oil to the nostril region. So, make the best use of coconut oil and use it as a nasal ointment.

11. Use As Lip Gloss

Coconut oil can also be used as lip balms in winter or any other season. For this, just put some coconut oil in a clean microwave-safe bowl and any lip shade that you want to be sliced off the top of old lipstick. Heat the two and mix them well. Add a few drops of argan, jojoba and avocado oil for added moisture. Use this as a lip balm and also experiment with multiple colours and shades.

12. As Cuticle Cream

Do you want to keep your nails healthy and stronger during winters? Then, use coconut as your next cuticle cream. Just apply a little coconut oil on your cuticles and leave it for a few minutes. Push them back as you normally would to get the perfect cuticles.

13. Coconut Oil For Massaging

Coconut oil works as the perfect oil when it comes to massage. This essential oil lets you take care of your body in the best possible way. Just use coconut oil and gently apply it to your body and keep massaging. Massaging also helps to reduce stress and has other benefits too.

14. Coconut Oil Benefits For Babies

Coconut oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. All of this makes coconut oil highly effective for babies skin. So, it is often suggested to use coconut oil for baby’s skin and hair care. Since coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, it also helps to treat rashes or any kind of itchiness.

15. Aids Weight Loss

Yet another benefit of coconut oil is to aid weight loss. Coconut oil is great for all the weight watchers who are in the mood of shedding extra calories from their bodies. Coconut oil helps to prevent the accumulation of fats in your body and thus it is advisable for weight watchers to use coconut oil for cooking.

16. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is one of the most common problems that is a matter of worry for a lot of us. And coconut oil helps in improving insulin levels and thus in turn maintains the blood sugar level. So, seek the advice of your doctor and start using coconut oil for treating diabetes in a natural way. 

17. Helps In Healing Wounds

Being anti-bacterial in nature, coconut oil is great for healing wounds. You can easily apply coconut oil to the infected area to protect it from incoming dust, bacteria and viruses. Coconut oil when applied to the wounds helps a lot in repairing the damaged tissues.

18. Improves Digestion

Do you know when you use coconut oil instead of other oil for cooking, then you are contributing towards improved digestion? Yes, you heard it right, coconut oil aids digestion in a lot of ways. It not only prevents the chances of digestion but also improves bowel movement.

19. Boosts Immunity

A healthy immune system is what makes your body capable of fighting against all sorts of incoming infections and diseases. And the use of coconut oil is such that it helps a lot in boosting immunity. It is the presence of lauric acid in coconut oil that makes your body efficient in fighting against viruses and boosting immunity.

20. Used As Body Lotion

Last but not the least, coconut oil also works as a moisturizer. You can use coconut oil as a body lotion and apply it to your body to prevent your skin from getting dry during winters. 


All in all, it can be said that coconut oil has several benefits. So, keeping these benefits in mind, we suggest you make the best use of coconut oil. 

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