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Decoding Fad Diets

Team BetterButter | March 25, 2019

Fad diet is usually a diet process which helps a person to lose the fat very rapidly resulting in weight loss. There are other advantages for health as a result of fad dieting. The Fad diet includes the foods that have fewer nutrients that result in quick weight loss. Here are some of the Fad diets described along with its pros and the cons:


Mediterranean Diet:


The Mediterranean Diet is the diet developed by the people who are living near the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean diet includes the plant-based eatables that includes fresh vegetables and high healthy fats. The diet includes fruits, vegetables, seafood, nuts, olive oil enriched with omega 3 and many other foods.




  • The Mediterranean diet can be adapted easily and the person can get easily used to it.
  • There is a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables included in this diet which can be eaten easily.
  • This diet consists of healthy and high level of nutrition.



  • The Mediterranean diet is an expensive diet when compared to some other diets


Atkins diet:


Fad diets like the Atkins diet is a diet trend going on these days. The Atkins diet is followed by most of the people these days. The Atkins diet mainly includes high protein and high fat with low carbohydrate substances. The diet chart restricts the foods like bread, pasta, milk, fruits etc. but allows to eat meat, cheese, eggs etc.




  • This diet helps to lose the weight fast.
  • This diet has proven to be very effective, provided one sticks to it.




  • This diet lacks even the essential nutrients
  • Problems like constipation and dehydration are often seen in the people following Atkins diet.


Paleo diet:


The paleo diet consists of foods that are thought  assumed were to be eaten by the early men or the cavemen. The food that is included in the paleo diet is seafood, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, seeds, plants, fish, meat etc.



  • A person eats foods items that are chemical free, preservative free or the food that are without additives.
  • People tend to lose weight very fast due to the limited options available for eating.This suggests starving



  • This diet gets a bit more expensive.
  • This diet is not suitable for vegetarians
  • May result in constipation.


16/8 diet – Intermittent fasting:


The 16/8  intermittent fasting diet works in accordance with time. Which means you can eat only during the eight hours of eating period and fast for the rest of the sixteen hours of period. This diet promotes weight loss and improves brain function. It is one of the latest diet trends.



  • A Person following this diet can live longer
  • Promotes the weight loss



  • A Person may feel hungry during the period of restricted eating time.
  • A Person has to observe and keep an eye on the eating and non-eating time period.


We want to conclude that there is no fixed diet plan for anyone.People should choose their Fad diets according to their convenience and requirement and not merely go by any of the diet trends that are prevailing.

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