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How to quit Keto diet & still not gain weight

Team BetterButter | March 25, 2019

How to quit Keto diet & still not gain weight

If you had started the Keto diet which is a low-carb diet to lose weight and you want to quit that diet plan without gaining back the weight, there are simple steps and rules to follow which will slowly and gradually help you to normalize the carbs in your diet. Here in this article, we are going to list down some of the relevant steps that will help you to quit the low carb diet without gaining the weight.

The Process of stopping the keto diet.


The first and very initial step involves adding back foods like bread to your diet. For this, you need to add the carbs slowly to your meals. If you add the carbs quickly to your meal, there might be chances that you get gastrointestinal problems. You need to move slowly towards the diet plan you had earlier. You will need to learn portion control of the carbs in your diet. You need to eat healthy and balanced meals before you reintroduce the normal diet plan   to your daily routine. Processed and packaged food  items  need to be avoided in the starting days of making the switch.



How long does it take to quit the Keto diet plan?


If you have thought of quitting the keto diet plan and you want to increase the intake of carb in your diet plan for some reason, there are certain points you want to follow to move along with the process. Increase the crabs by 15 percent and reduce the intake of fats by 15 percent for the first 20 days. After fifteen days, add the carbs to twenty percent and reduce the intake of fats to twenty percent. There is no need of adjustment with the protein. After the cycle of forty days, you can switch back to a normal diet routine that you prefer.By following this process  you might gain a little weight, that will be unnoticeable.




  • You have to keep an eye on the portion and size of the nutrients that your intake while you are quitting the Keto diet plan. You have to avoid junk food during this  transition period. There is a strict need  to control the size and portions of food intake according to the nutrients available in the particular food. You will need to follow a strict diet plan which would include protein and fewer  fats, and more quantity of carbs.
  • In the process of quitting the Keto diet plan, the person should avoid processed and packaged foods so that the body may start to adjust slowly to the new diet plan day by day.The only carbs that a person can take are the carbs available  in fruits and vegetables.




  • The person should not add up carbs immediately to their meals. The person should follow the proper steps involved in transitioning  to the low carb diet.

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