Homemade Hacks to Spot Adulterated Food

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What is food adulteration? It is the process of reducing the quality of food items by adding harmful substances or subtracting valuable things from them. The ‘adulterants’ mixed in the food items can cause severe illness to the consumers. Even the food items that we purchase from the market to cook at home can be harmful for us and we are consuming it all the time without realizing. But we are here to help you identify if the food item at your home is adulterated or not.

  1. Honey:

    Dip a cotton ball in honey and then burn it. If it burns instantly, it is pure, else it is not.
  2. Pulses:

    Grind the pulses till you get a powdery texture and then add warm water to it. If you see the water turn into bright yellow you can be sure that artificial colour has been added to those pulses.
  3. Rice:

    You can easily identify if the rice has been polished by just looking at its shine. But to be sure, soak rice in water and if the water turns white, it has been polished.
  4. Salt:

    If after adding salt to water the colour of the water changes to white and some particles settle at the bottom, then it is clear that chalk powder has been added to the salt.
  5. Coconut Oil:

    A very simple hack for this one. Just refrigerate the coconut oil and if it solidifies, it is pure and if not, it contains adulterants.
  6. Milk:

    Simply boil the milk before consuming it and if you see a yellowish lather on top, then it is synthetic milk.
  7. Apples:

    Apples are cleaned with wax to give them a clean look. Take a blade and gradually rub the skin of the apple, if the apple has wax on its surface the blade will remove white.
  8. Ghee:
    Simply melt a tablespoon of Ghee and refrigerate it. Once the Ghee solidifies and you see that the layers are separated, the ghee is impure.


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