Difference between Multigrain, Wholegrain and Wholemeal. What is better?

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Bread is one of the most important elements of many types of meals, and nowadays white bread is not the only option available in the market. White bread is not very healthy and there are many options like multigrain bread, wholegrain bread, and wholemeal bread. Each type of bread is a little different from the other and the following are details about the differences between the three types of bread and details about which bread is better:

Multigrain, Wholegrain, and Wholemeal Bread

  • Multigrain bread as the name suggests is made by using many different types of grains which are good for health. Oats, barley, wheat, millet, and flax are all grains that are included in these types of bread. They are very nutritious bread and at times edible seeds are also included in these types of bread. They are rich in fibre and provide a range of nutrients to the diet.

  • Wholegrain bread is made by mixing white bread flour with wholegrains and seeds. There are different types of wholegrain bread available in the market with various types of grains to add to the nutrition value and fibre content of the bread.
  • Wholemeal bread is similar to wholegrain bread but the process is slightly different for wholemeal bread. Wholemeal bread flour is made by mixing white bread flour with wheatgerm, bran and also fortified using iodine and folic acid. This type of bread is high in nutritional value and fibre content.
  • All three types of bread are similar but slightly different from each other. All three types of bread taste better than white bread and have a sweet earthy taste to them. Wholegrain bread is the healthiest option for bread and the best bread in the market.

All three types of bread are high in taste, fibre content, and nutrition value. All are great options and people are replacing white bread with these types of bread. As awareness about being health conscious is growing all over the world, people are using these types of bread in their diet. These types of bread work well with different types of cuisines and meals and should be included in the diet.

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