Easy and Glamorous Hairstyles for Karwachauth!

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Karwachauth is a feeling… and perhaps a very beautiful feeling…When a wife wakes up early and fasts for her husband’s long life. All these rituals give Indian culture a unique form. Your makeup is top-class but all of you will agree with me that without a stylish hairstyle, the look is incomplete. Instead of waiting at the salon, try these easy and glamorous hairstyles at home: 


Festive Season, First Look

First of all, detangle your hair and do a centre parting. Take a small section of hair and twist it on the outside and push it from the inside so that a puff look can come and set it by putting a bob pin. Now repeat the same sequence on the other side too. Now apply the vermillion (sindoor) in the centre and the gajra in the hair to complete the look!

Festive Season, Second Look

For this look, you can keep the front hair just like the first look and you can give a bun look at the back. Make a bun by taking all the hair in a loop and wrap the gajra on the outer portion of the bun, covering your scalp. This will give you a very traditional look.


Festive Season, Third Look

It is very easy to make this Punjabi Look Hair Style. Make a pony and wrap the gajra on the top of the pony and now wrap the remaining gajra around the pony bringing it down. Use a rubber band to secure the gajra.


Festive Season, Fourth Look

It will not take more than 2 minutes to create this look but it will make you look as if you’ve been to a salon. Make a side pony and tie it into a bun. Now put the gajra on the bun, covering it completely. This will make your hair look voluminous.

To view the above hairstyles, click the link below:


Festive Season, Fifth Look

This look has been  rightly called the glamorous look. Divide wet hair into small sections, twist them from top to bottom and set them with the help of a pin. Now relax a bit. When you wake up, your curly look will be ready. Remove all the pins and just straighten the long strand of hair in front. Tie them partially with a clutcher.

Image Source: Craftvillas

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