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5 Toxic Foods you Must Avoid

Riya Aggarwal | October 25, 2018

Food is an essential part of our day-to-day lives. However, sometimes, the foods that we consume may be more harmful than beneficial for our body.

Hidden inside your normal, everyday food are certain toxic ingredients that do more harm than good. BetterButter tells you about 5 toxic foods that you should stay away from.


1) Artificial Food Colors/Dyes

Have you seen those bright, colorful cakes in the windows of your favorite pastry shops? Those lovely, rainbow-colored foods that are trending worldwide? They look very pretty, don’t they? But do you know that such foods are prepared just by adding a few drops of color to the original batter? It is through these artificial food colors and dyes that harmful toxins actually end up entering your body. Though some of these colors are approved by the FDA, they are still very harmful for you and your family. Consumption of these colors through cakes, pastries and even curries for that matter, actually make your more vulnerable to cancer. These artificial colors have also been linked to various neurological disorders, that could adversely affect your brain and your nervous system. So before buying anything, make it a point to always go through the ingredients that are listed on the back of the packet or the bottle.


2) Excess Salt

No recipe, irrespective of the country from which it comes, can be made without salt. No recipe is complete without adding a ‘pinch of salt’ to it because salt adds flavor to each and every dish. However, too much salt can be very harmful for you. Consuming excess salt on a regular basis, can lead to issues such as high blood pressure, kidney-related disorders and heart problems.


3) Pesticides

India is a very populous country and everyone needs to eat food to survive. To meet this growing demand for basic foods such as fruits, vegetables and grains, farmers often use pesticides and fertilizers to grow these food items. When these food items are harvested and sent to the market, pesticide residues are often left behind in these food items. These harmful and toxic pesticides have been linked to literally everything-be it to cancer or to birth defects. To protect your family and yourself from ingesting these pesticides, make sure that you wash all your fruits and vegetables thoroughly and properly before using them.


4) Sodium Nitrate

Sodium nitrate is primarily used as a preservative in foods. It is used in a lot of junk foods and deli foods such as chips and processed meat. Sodium nitrate helps to preserve food and increase its shelf life. However, sodium nitrate is another toxic food that has been linked to cancer. Regular consumption of food that contains this preservative can lead to a host of health problems such as cancer and diabetes. To safeguard your family from this harmful toxin, always read the ingredients listed on the back of the packet or the bottle.


5) Zero Calorie Sugar

Zero calorie sugar is the biggest scam of the food industry! Artificial sweeteners and zero calorie sugars contain saccharin and aspartame. These artificial sweeteners are the reason for arthritis and tummy-related problems. Some people think that having zero calorie sugar is very good for health and that it helps them lose weight, however, all of this is just a myth. In reality, consuming this sugar will actually make you gain weight rather than lose weight.

Make a note of these toxic foods, and always think twice before buying any food items from your local market.

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Riya Aggarwal




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