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Easy to cook and healthy meal on table in 10 minutes

Team BetterButter | March 25, 2019

With the busy schedule of life, cooking  gets tricky  because of a lot of time and efforts required. So, we have come up with ways to prepare a delicious meal in ten minutes flat. While opting for these healthy recipes it is easier to get fresh quality restaurant style meals without much headache and preparation.

These 10 minutes easy to cook recipes provide you with quality food ingredients along with clever cooking techniques and easy instructions that saves your time and helps you prepare a meal that is full of flavour and packed with goodness. Following are the ten minutes recipes given below that help to cook healthy food within a specific 10 minutes time limit.

Ten minutes Thai basil pork with green beans

Why we love this recipe: This healthy recipe is inspired by Thai street food. With sweet and sticky hoisin sauce, using a mild flavour of red chilli and generous use of garlic and ginger.

What makes it so quick: Trimmed green beans, pre cooked rice and fried onions make it a sensational stir fry that can be made within 10 minutes.

Ten minutes Mushroom Stir Fry

Why we love this recipe: It is the most preferable ten to table dish added to the menu and it is a huge hit. In this healthy recipe, there are three different types of mushrooms that are cooked with miso sauce. And it is served with a handful of nutrientpacked baby kale and steamed rice.  

What makes it so quick: Intense miso paste, sesame oil, chilli, and garlic paste combined to give a rich essence to a depth of flavour. Precooked basmati rice helps to keep things simple and quick to prepare.

Ten-minute Cheesy black Bean chilli


Why we love this recipe: This is satisfying, speedy and superbly tasty, meat free Mexican dish. It is packed with plant-based protein and the right amount of spice. Additionally, it is topped up with creamy yoghurt and grated cheese. This dish is more preferred by kids due to its  spice free essence.

What makes it so quick: one of the four rich quality key ingredients used are Tomato Frito, which is simmered for hours to achieve a robust tomato flavour. Others are garlic paste, spring onions that are easy to chop and cook, and finally chipotle paste.

Ten minutes Smoky Tacos with Tomato Salsa


Why we love this recipe: This dish consists of enough cheese and is bound to be your favorite. It is an easy to cook recipe, made with the ingredients such as fresh, crunchy gem lettuce, zesty tomato salsa and chipotle yoghurt.

What makes it so quick: While sticking halloumi under the grill and with the use of other required ingredients, get these indulgent veggie tacos on the table in under ten minutes.

Ten Minute Smoky Chicken Rice

Why we love this recipe: This dish is a classic combination of flavors inspired by paella which has a number of ingredients – earthy saffron, smoky paprika, garlic paste, and fresh lemon juice. Additionally, it is packed with green beans.

What makes it so quick: With pre-diced British chicken, precooked rice, thin chopped green beans and garlic paste, it does not take much time to cook.

All these 10 minutes recipes help an individual having a busy schedule to eat a healthy meal which is not time consuming.


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