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We tried these five Ready to eat Foods and you should try them too!

Team BetterButter | March 25, 2019

Foods that have already been prepared and so they can be consumed as it is, without any additional cooking are known as ready to eat foods. These foods can be refrigerated, kept on a shelf and require minimal heating or can be served hot. Ready to eat foods are prepared and packed in a way  that ensures that the food is not contaminated, does not allow bacteria to contaminate the food even after it is prepared.

Moreover,a few items that you have in your kitchen also qualify as a ready to eat foods. It consists of deli meat, salad, sandwiches, cheese, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. These are the few of many food items that you do not need to cook before use. They are particularly convenient when you need food quickly without spending much time in the kitchen. Following are the defined categories of ready to eat food:

Fruit, Nuts, and Herbs

Nature has provided us with a wide array of ready to eat food all around us. Normally, it consists of edibles like apples, peanuts and other food items that have both nutrition and taste. Additionally, it consists of edible berries, nuts and other foods.

Meat and Animal Products

Many of meat and animal products are considered as ready to eat food that can be safely consumed without any additional cooking. For instance, most common ready to eat animal product is cheese, which can be served in numerable forms such as sliced, whole or even cubed.

For cooked meats, such as pre cooked chicken, they need to be stored at a temperature that keeps food safe  from bacteria or any other contamination.

Baked Foods


Most of the baked foods such as bread or doughnuts, are served at room temperature or frozen. They are considered as ready to eat food with minimal heating at the time of consumption. These products have already been heated to a high temperature to kill bacteria and to ensure that it is not contaminated and can be consumed safely.


Canned Foods

Several edible items that are served in a can and are ready to eat are known as Canned Foods. These are Sardine, tuna, oysters, prepared chicken salad that can be enjoyed with the pack of crackers without any other preparation. Additionally, canned meat and some of the different canned food are also available such as spaghetti, ravioli, meatballs and macaroni etc. are. These are easy to cook food which can be prepared in minutes. These canned foods come in two categories ; vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian.  

Dehydrated Foods  

Mix of dried fruits


The dehydrated packaged food that can be stored for long periods of time. These consist of packed sausages, dried banana chips that can be enjoyed while at home or at the time of travelling. It helps to save time when you have a busy schedule.


Hence, ready to eat food or easy to cook food are the two ways that help people not to worry specifically about their breakfast, lunch and dinner. It gives them a great option to relax, if they have a  busy schedule or if they don’t want to spend more time in the kitchen.


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