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Fitness Tips from the Fittest Bollywood Actresses

Riya Aggarwal | September 11, 2018

Whenever we think of weight-loss and of fitness, we always look to Bollywood. Actresses in Bollywood are some of the fittest women we know. Not only is fitness an important part of their professional lives, but it also gradually becomes a way of life for them.

Today we bring to you some fitness tips from some of the fittest actresses in the Indian film industry.

1) Deepika Padukone

The talented actress, Deepika Padukone is one of the fittest actresses in the industry today. Fitness has become a way of life for the actress. The actress says that even when she’s on holiday, she still finds ways to keep in shape. Be it cycling, swimming or walking, the actress makes it a point to exercise in some way or the other. When asked about this, Deepika says that fitness is a lifestyle for her, she does not feel burdened by it. In fact, the actress says that exercising actually makes her feel “great.”


2) Alia Bhatt

The ‘Raazi’ actress says that the “myth” of eating every two hours does not work for her. The actress has three meals everyday. She listens to her body and eats when she feels hungry. However, Alia says that she is very regular with her workouts. She says that when you work out regularly, it shows on your body and your face.


3) Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha, the daughter of actor cum politician Shatrughan Sinha, is another talented actress of Bollywood who has done films such as ‘Lootera’, ‘Dabangg’ and Dabangg 2’. To lose weight, Sonakshi had to completely give up junk food.  Like every other girl, Sonakshi loves the food her mom makes. The actress gorges on her mom’s delicious food, but when it starts showing on her body, the actress stops doing so.


4) Jacqueline Fernandez

Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez, loves her chocolates and her pizzas! But when you ask her about the secret to her toned stomach and toned legs, the actress says that the secret lies in her kitchen. Jacqueline makes her very own ‘nutri-balls.’ The actress combines dry fruits, nuts and seeds together to make her ‘nutri-balls’. Whenever she feels hungry while travelling, the actress eats these homemade balls.


5) Parineeti Chopra

Actress Parineeti Chopra consulted a doctor to understand why she was putting on weight, despite eating healthy. After this, the actress realized that she should have only those foods that suit her. The actress knows which foods suit her and which foods are harder for her to digest. The actress plans her meals according to this.


6) Lisa Haydon

Model cum ‘Queen’ actress, Lisa Haydon says that you should treat your body right. She says that when we are younger, we tend to push ourselves a lot. We don’t sleep, we binge-eat and then we think that by working out the next day we’ll be able to lose all the calories we gained. The actress says that this is not right, she says that we should learn to be good to ourselves.

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Riya Aggarwal


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