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Top 10 Bridal Hairstyles for 2018

Priyanka Verma | September 11, 2018

Every bride wants to look her best on her ‘D’ day and many people especially go to meet the bride to see how she looks. This is the reason a girl is very conscious about her looks on her wedding. Most brides pay a lot of attention to getting their makeup and dress right and often forget about their hairdo. Hairstyle is an important part of the complete look of the bride. The hairstyle should always be according to the type of the dress. Different hairdos look good on different dresses. One can pep up the bridal hairstyle by adding flowers, beads, studs and other hair accessories.

Here are the Top 10 Bridal Hairstyles for 2018: 

1) Long Waves

This hairstyle is most suitable for long hair. If you already have wavy hair, then nothing much needs to be done, else, you can ask your hairstylist to create waves in your hair. This hairdo looks very good with a lehenga. You may also put flowers that match the color of your lehenga. Adding beads to your hair is another way of pepping up your hairdo.


2) Flower Bun

A gajra made up of jasmine flowers and red roses looks really nice on a wedding. It looks really nice with a red saree or a red lehenga. A red lipstick also looks very nice when you have this hairdo. It is apt for a reception.


3) Messy Waves

This hairstyle can be made with long hair. In this hairdo, hair is given a messy look. This looks good with a lehenga provided you hold the dupatta in your hands, rather than pinning it on your head. You can also add some flowers to this hairdo.


4) Flower Bun with a Plait

This hairstyle is very famous in South India. It is mostly made with a Kanjivaram Saree. It is apt for long hair. Jasmine and mogra flowers are used to make a bun and then a long plait is made, which is decorated with beads.


5) Bombshell Wavy Hairstyle

The bombshell wavy hairstyle is most suited with a gown or an Indo-western lehenga. It is apt for long hair and this sober hairdo can be done on other occasions as well.


6) Bun with Beads

This bun hairstyle has a beading in front and the beaded hairs are then taken back and tied into a bun. This hairdo can be made with medium-length and long hair. It looks really nice with a silk saree. You can also add flowers to your bun to make it look more attractive.


7) Flowers with Long Plait

This hairstyle goes very well with a saree. Light beige-colored flowers look really pretty with a light-colored Kanjeevaram saree that has a gold border and is accessorized with gold jewelry. This hairdo is very common in South India. This hairdo makes the bride look very classy.


8) Bun made of Curls

This hairdo can make any bride look elegant. It looks apt with a lehenga. The hair are curled and made into a bun while a few strands of hair are left open and allowed to fall on the side of the face. You may hold your dupatta in your hand or pin it on your head, with this hairdo.


9) Bun with a Front Puff

This is the most common hairdo that is made by brides who wear a lehenga. It looks beautiful with the dupatta pinned to the head since only the front puff is visible with this bun.


10) Low Bun

A low bun is made in this hairdo and the hair in front are tied very neatly. It makes the bride look very neat and classy.

Image Source: Pinterest, pexel.  

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